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Help:Page title

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For technical documentation on the subject, see Manual:Page title instead.

A page title, also page name, is the title of a wiki page. It must be unique on the wiki and is recognisable in various contexts:

  • As the text title of the page, e.g. Help:Page title, which is usually reflected in the header of the page.
  • as the basis of the URL used to access the page, e.g. Help:Page_title in the URL for this present page.
  • as the wikitext link to the page, e.g. [[Help:Page title]].

How to name a page


Naming pages comes with various restrictions that are currently documented on Manual:Page title .

See also

  • Help:Magic words – The page title can be used in wiki text programmatically without knowing what it is using wiki code (e.g. {{PAGENAME}}) and suchlike