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PD הערה: ווען איר טוט רעדאקטירן דעם בלאט, זענט איר מסכים צו באפֿרייען אייער ביישטייערונג אונטערן CC0. זעט פובליקער דאמיין הילף פֿאר נאך אינפֿארמאציע.

New Filters for Edit Review add new filtering and other tools as well as a filtering interface to Special:RecentChanges and Special:RecentChangesLinked (initially).

These tools help reviewers to better target their efforts and be more efficient. They also have the potential to particularly benefit new contributors, who require a more supportive edit-review process, according to research.

צו לערנען וועגן די טיילן פונעם פארבעסערטן באניצער־אייבערפלאך באזוכט דעם גיכן באזוך. צו לערנען וויאזוי צו ניצן די פֿארגעשריטענע פֿונקציעס פֿארזארגט, טוט אויספארשן די בלעטער געשילדערט אונטן.

The roll out of this new feature starts in March 2017. The “New filters for edit review” beta is not initially available on mobile.

הויפט פֿונקציעס

This page explains how the improved filtering interface works and how to get the most out of the new tools.
User-defined Highlighting tools let you use color to emphasize the edits that interest you most. The functions and techniques described on this page will help you to make your Recent Changes results more meaningful.
Quality and Intent Filters
"New filters for edit review" introduces two filter groups—Contribution Quality and User Intent—that are powered by machine learning and work differently from other filters. They offer probabilistic predictions about, respectively, whether or not edits are likely to contain problems and whether the user who made them was acting in good faith. Knowing a bit about how these unique tools work will help you use them more effectively.
Save and restore your favorite filters.
Live updates
Filtered results are updated periodically.

זעט אויך

א.ג.פ.(אפט גפרעגטע פראגעס)
מערסט געפֿרעגטע פֿראגעס.
פֿידבעק בלאט
Ongoing discussions and feedback provided by users.

אנדערע רעסורסן