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LiquidThreads is a discussion system for MediaWiki that adds forum-like features to discussion pages.

This page is still developing; these are only basic instructions.


Posting a new discussion[edit]

To post a new discussion, click on the "Start new discussion" link at the top of the discussion page.

LiquidThreads New Discussion Link.png

Adding a reply[edit]

LiquidThreads Reply Button.png

To add a reply to a thread, click on the "Add a reply" link at the bottom of a thread.

Once you have clicked on this button, a form will load allowing you to enter your reply.

When you are done, click "Save" to save your reply.

Searching past discussions[edit]

To search past discussions on a page, use the search box at the top of the page.

LiquidThreads Search Box.png

Editing a post[edit]

To edit a post, move your mouse over the post, then move it over the arrow to the right of the menu. Then, click "Edit".

LiquidThreads Menu Edit.png

Viewing thread history[edit]

To view the history of a thread, click on the "History" link to the right-hand side of the thread's header.

LiquidThreads Thread Menu History.png

You can navigate between changes made to threads, and view the thread as it existed at certain points of time.


Moving a post to a new position[edit]

You can move a post to a new position on the page with drag-and-drop. To activate this for a post, click on "Drag to a new location" under the "More" menu.

LiquidThreads Menu Drag.png

Once you've clicked on this, you can drag the thread to a new location.

LiquidThreads drop points.png

Writing a thread summary[edit]

To write or edit a thread summary, click on the "Summarize" option, to the right of the section heading.

LiquidThreads Thread Menu Summarize.png

Administrative tasks[edit]

Toggling LiquidThreads on a page[edit]

To activate LiquidThreads on a specific page on a wiki where LiquidThreads is opt-in, add


to the page's source code. To deactivate LiquidThreads on a specific page on a wiki where LiquidThreads is opt-out add


to the page's source code.

Removing a post[edit]

To remove a post, edit it, and remove all of its content. If it has no replies with content in them, then it will not be shown. The previous content of the post will still be available in its page history.

Administrators can delete individual posts. If you are one, then to do this, move your mouse over the post, and then over the arrow on the toolbar. Then, select "Delete" from the options.

LiquidThreads Menu Delete.png

Restoring a post[edit]

To restore a previously-removed post, you should view the thread's history, and find the revision before that thread was removed. [TBC]