Help:Lint errors/stripped-tag

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{{Small|This small text is not italic.</i>}}

ここでは終了タグ「‎</i>」はあるものの、開始タグ「‎<i>」が不足しています。 これを修正するには、テンプレート内に開始タグ「‎<i>」を追加するか、終了タグ「‎</i>」を除去します。 So it should be like this (with correct tags):

{{Small|<i>This small text is not italic.</i>}}

This error can also appear in conjunction with a "missing end tag" error when there is a line break that is not supposed to be present, for example in the middle of a set of ‎<span>...‎</span> tags, or in a template that wraps a parameter in span tags. To fix both errors with a single edit, remove the line break or replace it with ‎<br />.

This error can sometimes appear when a table is not properly ended, either because it uses a template like {{col-end}} instead of |}, or because |} is missing entirely.