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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Extension:Translate/Insertables and the translation is 11% complete.
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Translatable strings often contain markup that should be retained as-is in the translation. Typing that markup can be slow and difficult because special characters are common. Insertable is a piece of markup that is presented to the translator as a button or other interface element. Clicking the button inserts the piece of markup into the translation to the current cursor position.

Each message group can have one InsertablesSuggester. This class is responsible for generating a list of Insertables. Each Insertable has three parts:

  1. What to display to the user
  2. What is inserted before cursor position in the translation
  3. What is inserted after cursor position in the translation

Translate extension comes with MediaWikiInsertablesSuggester built-in. Suggesters for other type of content can be found in the git repository.


Insertables show in the bottom of the translation text area. They provide quick access for inserting pieces of mark-up that does not vary per language.


Here is an example about adding insertables support for existing file based message group: FreeCol. The YAML file has been trimmed for brevity. The newly added lines are highlighted.


  id: out-freecol
  label: FreeCol
  description: "A strategy game"
  namespace: NS_FREECOL
  class: FileBasedMessageGroup
  class: JavaFFS
  sourcePattern: %GROUPROOT%/freecol/data/strings/
  definitionFile: %GROUPROOT%/freecol/data/strings/
  targetPattern: freecol/data/strings/

  class: FreeColMessageChecker
    - FreeColEscapesCheck
    - FreeColVariablesCheck

  class: FreeColInsertablesSuggester

  FreeColMessageChecker: Checker.php
  FreeColInsertablesSuggester: Suggester.php


class FreecolInsertablesSuggester {
	public function getInsertables( $text ) {
		$insertables = array();

		$matches = array();
		// Find variables of format %name%
		// This is the same regular expression as in Checker.php
		preg_match_all( '/%[a-zA-Z_]+%/', $text, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER );
		$new = array_map( function( $match ) {
			// $match[0] is full match, and we don't have any submatches here
			// Since we want the cursor to be at the end of the insertion, we put the whole thing into the "pre" field.
			return new Insertable( $match[0], $match[0] );
		}, $matches );

		return $insertables;

The parameters to Insertable are:

class Insertable {
         * @param string $display What to show to the user
         * @param string $pre What to insert before selection
         * @param string $post What to insert after selection
        public function __construct( $display, $pre = '', $post = '' ) {
                $this->display = $display;
                $this->pre = $pre;
                $this->post = $post;