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The ‎<pages /> tag is used to transclude content from the Page namespace into other 'presentation' namespaces (usually the main namespace).

The syntax for the tag is as follows:

<pages index="Index Name.pdf" from="first page" to="last page" step="integer" include="pagelist range" exclude="pagelist range" fromsection="section name" tosection="section name" onlysection="section name" />


  • The index attribute contains the name of the Index page whose pages are to be transcluded (without the 'Index:' prefix).
  • The from and to attributes contain the page numbers of the starting and ending pages, as they appear in the page names of the Page namespace.
  • The step attribute is used to only transclude every nth page between from and to.
  • The include and exclude attributes take page ranges like those used in the Pagelist tag. The former can also be useful for only transcluding a single page.
  • The 'section' attributes (only available if the Labeled Section Transclusion extension is installed) allow for the transclusion of only part of a page (e.g. when a chapter ends on the page on which the next chapter begins).

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