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The FileImporter and FileExporter extensions aim to make moving files from a local wiki to Wikimedia Commons easier. The new functionality allows to move files with all their original data intact, while documenting the move in the version history.

The FileExporter provides a link to Wikimedia Commons on the local wiki and hands over a URL to the extension FileImporter. The FileImporter is a Wikimedia Commons extension which imports the file including all data when all prerequisites are met. Technically, the files won't be "moved", but "copied".

FileImporter has been deployed to Wikimedia Commons in June 2018. To make use of it, you need to activate the FileExporter as a beta feature in your local wiki. (Exception: A few Wikimedia wikis already have the FileExporter as a default feature.)


FileImporter and FileExporter aim to fulfill a request from the German-speaking community's Technical Wishlist and are developed by WMDE's tech team (WikiMedia Deutschland). More information can be found on the main project page on Meta.


Kom igang

1) To enable the FileExporter on a local wiki, you have to be logged in and tick the checkbox for FileExporter on the beta features preferences page. (Be sure to visit the preferences page for the wiki from which you intend to export files. The preceding link will take you to the preferences page for the MediaWiki wiki.) Exception: A few Wikimedia wikis already have the FileExporter as a default feature. On these wikis, you don't need to activate anything.
You don't have to activate the FileImporter on Wikimedia Commons. 2) There needs to be a configuration file for your wiki. Many files already exist, based on the files from the CommonsHelper2 tool. We're asking users to have a look at them and update or create them if needed to make sure the imports are done right. For more info, read the documentation how the configuration files work and what they are needed for.

Trin for trin

Du skal være logget ind for at kunne bruge funktionen.

Sådan kan du finde importerede filer

  • In the revision history of a file, the import is shown as a null revision (i.e. an entry in the revision list that doesn’t actually change the page). If changes were made during import, an additional text revision is created.
  • New revisions that are created during import are tagged with Modified with FileImporter. This way it can be filtered on the recent changes page.
  • Both an upload log entry and an import log entry are created and associated with the null revision and with the importing user, and timestamped with the import date. Having both log entries is the default for uploads, although it might lead to "doubled" entries in recent changes and watchlists, see this example file and its log entries.
  • For (old) imported file revisions, upload log entries are created with the date and user of the original upload to make all file revisions appear in Commons' upload log. These revisions are also tagged with Imported with FileImporter.
  • Imported files are marked with an invisible comment that says "This file was moved here using FileImporter from" and mentions the full URL of the source file. CirrusSearch's insource: feature can be used to find files with this comment, e.g.: insource:"This file was moved here using FileImporter from //en.wikipedia". Note this also finds later derivatives of imported files, but not files where the comment was removed.

How to add categories

The message fileimporter-post-import-revision-annotation (empty by default) can be used to add any additional wikitext to every imported file. The message accepts two parameters:

  • $1 - Full URL of the source file.
  • $2 - Time of the import in ISO 8601, e.g. 2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00.

For example, to categorize by source wiki, an interface administrator can set the message to {{#invoke:Imported with FileImporter|main|url=$1|time=$2}}, where the invoked Lua module ("Module:Imported with FileImporter" in this example) looks like this:

local exports = {}
function exports.main( frame )
    return "[[Category:Files moved to Commons from " .. frame.args.url ).host:gsub( ".org", "" ) .. "]]"
return exports

Implementering køreplan

  • 2018-06-12: Export to
  • 2018-06-25: Export to Wikimedia Commons
    • FileExporter as a beta feature on de.WP, fa.WP, ar.WP  OK
    • exporting from now to Wikimedia Commons  OK
    • FileImporter on Wikimedia Commons  OK
  • 2018-07-11:
  • 2019-01-16:
    • Deployment of the FileExporter beta feature to all other wikis  OK
  • 2019-09-24:
    • Deployment as a default feature on de.WP, fa.WP, ko.WP, mr.WP and sourceswiki (  OK
  • 2020-08-05:
    • Deployment as a default feature on all remaining Wikis  OK