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3D extension screenshot

3D is a MediaWiki extension that adds support for viewing three-dimensional model files.

Currently, it supports the STL format, but it could be expanded to support other formats.

Uploading 3D objects[edit]

If this extension is installed on your wiki, the only step needed to use it is to upload an STL file to the wiki via the usual methods.

Once the file is there, the file page and any file links will use the new thumbnailer, and the media viewer extension will use the new client-side interactive viewer.

Viewing 3D objects[edit]

Rotation and zooming[edit]

Animation showing rotation of a 3D object

It is possible to rotate and zoom the 3D object using the mouse.

Action Controls
Rotate Hold the left mouse button and move the cursor around
Pan Hold the right mouse button and move the cursor around
Zoom Scroll the mouse wheel / Hold the mouse wheel and move the cursor up or down


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