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One step to install[edit]

To install git on Windows, download and install this .exe.

Note: It will ask you a bunch of questions. It is a good idea to accept the defaults (including the first choice of "Use Git Bash only").

Configure git: name and email address[edit]

The final step for configuring git is to tell git your name and email address. To do that, open up Git Bash, which should appear in Start -> Programs -> Git -> Git Bash.

In this special terminal, type this command to set your name (replacing Mister Roboto with your name):

    git config --global user.name "Mister Roboto"

In the same terminal, type this command to set your email address. (Be sure to replace myself@example.com with whichever email address you use!) Later, Git will store your name and email address along with your changes whenever you commit changes to the git repository.

   git config --global user.email myself@example.com

Two more things: let's enable color, just to make your life easier.

   git config --global color.ui true

One more thing: let's complete the installation. Type this command then enter.


Okay, that's it!

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