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Growth/March 2020 inventory

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The Growth team works on a project that eases newcomers' first steps. We are trying to understand what initiatives different wikis have to welcome newcomers, and which templates are commonly used for maintenance activities. You can help this project by checking if your wiki's pages are listed on Wikidata.

Please do not edit this page. Edit directly Wikidata.

If you have questions, please use the talk page.

Thank you for your help!

Resources for newcomers




Has your wiki created a tutorial for newcomers ? If so, please list it on Q915263.

Experienced users helping newcomers


Has your wiki a list of mentors, or people being ready to help newcomers?

  • If you have a mentorship project, please list it on Q3919128.
    • If this project has a list of names on a separate page, please add this page on Q26708483.
  • If you have a welcome message signed by experienced users, please add the list of users on Q14339834.

Places to ask questions about Wikipedia


Has you wiki a place where newcomers can ask questions?

  1. If it is a place dedicated to newcomers, please list it on Q11059110.
  2. If it is a place open to questions from all users, please list it on Q5621643.

Maintenance templates


We are looking for maintenance templates for 5 types of tasks, and help pages that explain these tasks.

Task Description Templates that match Primary Help page Fallback help page
Update article Dates to be updated, articles to be refreshed with new information, etc. Q5617874 Q4664141 -
Add References Articles missing citations and references. Q5962027 Q79951 Q642335
Add Links Articles needing some cleanup and checking on their contents

(focusing on adding more internal links, to keep the task simple)

Q5624688, Q5849007 Q27919580 Q75275496
Expand article Stubs and short articles needing more work. Q5529697, Q5623589, Q10965101 Q10973854 Q4663261
Copyedit article Articles with typos, spelling or grammar issues. Q6292692 Q10953805 -

Fallback help pages mean that we query on the "Primary" element first, and if we don't find a page listed there for your wiki, we use the "Fallback" one.