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Sunteți interesat să deveniți mentor? Mulțumim!

Please check our resources about how to interact with newcomers and then introduce yourself as a mentor.

Prezentare pe pagina principală

This shows how your introduction will be shown in the newcomer homepage.
Mesahele de introducere mai lungi de 240 de caractere vor fi trunchiate.

The Newcomer Homepage is designed to help newcomers on their first steps on Wikipedia. The Homepage will randomly assign your name to a newcomer: you will be their mentor.

On the Homepage, there is a space that allows you to introduce yourself to those newcomers. By default, the presentation is: "Acest utilizator experimentat știe că sunteți nou și vă poate ajuta cu editarea.".

Please shortly introduce yourself: 240 characters max. That limitation is set to avoid lengthy text that would overload the information already visible on the Homepage. Wikitext will not be rendered for the same reasons. To know more about you, newcomers can visit your user page, linked from the Homepage.

Your username will already be displayed on the Homepage. No need to remind newcomers who you are in your presentation.


(Datorită traducerilor, exemplele de mai jos ar putea fi mai mari decât limita de 240 de caractere.)

Vă puteți prezenta cu un text foarte neutru:

  • "I am here to help you navigate Wikipedia, please feel free to ask!"

You have enough experience to reply to any question. Don't let people think you can only help them with something specific.

  • Don't write "I edit articles about football." Newcomers may think that they can't ask you about anything else than football.
  • Prefer to write: "I'm mostly contributing to football-related topics, but I can help you with any other topic, as far as I can."

You can invite people to contact you:

  • "I can help you with your questions about editing Wikipedia. I'm mostly contributing to football-related topics. What would be your area of contributions?"
  • "I was as confused as you are now. But asking questions to experienced users helped me. Please feel free to ask me any question!"

How to add yourself to the mentor list

Următoarea procedură este aplicabilă numai wiki-urilor unde sunt disponibile uneltele Growth :

The mentor list for your wiki is listed on Wikidata.

Add your username (not a redirect to your username) to the list, using the following syntax:

* [[Utilizator:Nume]]|Descriere

Exemplu: * [[Utilizator:Trizek]]|Contribui la multe subiecte și îmi va face plăcere să vă ajut!

Nu adăugați wikitext (legături sau formate), HTML și CSS la descriere: o vor strica.


Claiming mentees

Sometimes mentors quits and needs to be replaced, or a mentor can redirect a newcomer to another mentor, more specialized about a given topic. It is then possible for mentors to claim a mentee.

O listă separată pentru gazdele seminariilor

By default, only one list of mentors is available. Every mentor listed on this list have their name being randomly assigned to newcomers. Some wikis asked to have a way for experienced users who host workshops to only claim mentees they know.

It is possible to create a separate list, where people who wish to claim mentees without being assigned to unknown mentees can sign up.

To create this list, create a page using the same syntax as the regular mentors list, link it to the matching Wikidata item and fill a configuration change request on Phabricator, using this form.