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För user groups on MediaWiki wikis: se Manual:User rights.

MediaWikis grupper organiserar gemenskapsaktiviteter med öppen källkod inom ramarna för vissa ämnen och geografiska områden. They are Wikimedia User Groups that agree on a level of coordination in the MediaWiki context. As such, they extend the capacity of the Wikimedia Foundation in events, training, promotion and other technical activities benefiting Wikipedia, the Wikimedia movement and the MediaWiki software.

MediaWiki Groups are open to members of different specialties and levels of expertise. The richer and more diverse the better. Non-technical users willing to contribute and learn are welcome too! All groups commit to the Friendly space policy.

MediaWiki groups can request support from the Wikimedia Foundation and chapters in various forms.

Tematiska grupper

Thematic MediaWiki groups collaborate with their logical counterparts in the wider FLOSS community. They are global groups, collaborating online.

  • They are in touch with communities within the same focus.
  • They participate in events of the same topic.
  • They promote related training and outreach activities.
  • They help improving the related documentation in wikimedia.org.
  • They collaborate with the related development teams.

Lokala grupper

Local MediaWiki groups collaborate with Wikimedia chapters, See also Wikipedia meetups and other local communities related with Wikimedia, free software, free culture... Their focus consists in face to face activities:

  • Participation in events held in their area.
  • Distribution of merchandising.
  • Promotion of local contributors to global MediaWiki and Wikimedia activities.

Also for non-English speaking groups:

Local groups must be really local. Starting points like e.g. Recife, Munich or Saint Petersburg are better than Brazil, Germany or Russia. If you miss a channel for regional coordination then consider requesting the creation of a regional mailing list and/or local mailing list.

Skapa en grupp

Du behöver ingen annan för att föreslå en grupp, bara dig själv För att få den godkänd måste du första ha minst tre bidragsgivare.

Kontrollera Groups/Proposals för fler detaljer för att skapa din MediaWiki-grupp.