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The Grants Review app is a web-based application used to accept and process grants applications requests. This application has been developed, maintained and hosted by Bryan Davis in 2014. It's hosted on the Wikimedia production cluster.


For a reviewer:[edit]

  • You should see Active campaigns and Past campaigns (only those which you are/have been a reviewer of).
  • Clicking on a campaign will bring you to the campaign proposals page where you can review campaigns.
  • To change your password, go to My Account > Change password.
  • To change your account details, go to My Account > Manage account.
    • To disable your account from the application and remove your username and email, you can check the Disable account checkbox.

For an admin:[edit]

  • Clicking a campaign will get you into the work-space for that campaign. This is also indicated by the campaign title on top right.
  • To add a new proposal to that campaign: Proposals > Add proposals.
  • To edit an existing proposal, click on the proposal from Proposals > Review Queue and click the blue Edit link beneath the project description. Here's an overview of the options:
    • Title: Name of the proposal
    • URL: Link to the proposal on wiki
    • Theme: Project theme
    • Amount: Grant amount requested in USD
    • Description: Proposal description, in short
    • Notes: Notes about the proposal, extra information
    • Proposal status: "Open", "Approved", "Rejected", "Abandoned" - out of which only Open and Abandoned are effective in the current application scheme. Open indicates available and ready for reviewing. Picking Abandoned would hide the proposal from showing up anywhere in the system, which is handy in case you added duplicate proposals by mistake or did some test reviewing on a proposal.
  • To add a new campaign, go to Admin > Add New Campaign. Here's an overview of the fields:
    • Name: Name of the campaign (no duplicates allowed)
    • Start date: Campaign start date
    • End date: Campaign end date
    • Question: Five questions with the following fields each:
      • Title: For example: Criteria A: Innovation or Criteria B: Feasibility
      • Text: Questions text - can include wikitext
      • Question footer: Footer string for the question such as, "Additional notes:"
      • Report header string: Title for this question column on Reports > Aggregated scores page. For example, Innovation or Feasibility.
    • Wikitext report template: The template for the wikitext export report, which you can use to copy out the report contents to wiki. The template is written using Twig templating language. You can see the output of this template on Reports > Wikitext export page.
    • Reviewers: Check the reviewers you want to be able to review this campaign. Please note that only those people will show up on this list who are globally marked as reviewers.
  • To edit an existing campaign, go to Admin > Manage campaigns and then click the campaign name which you want to edit. The page shown will be identical to the one for creating a new campaign with pre-filled fields.
  • To see report by reviewer for a campaign, go to Admin > Manage campaigns and then click the Report by Reviewer link in the last column against the campaign.
  • To add a new user, go to Admin > Add new user. Here's an overview of the fields:
    • Username: Username of the user which they will need to login
    • Password: Auto-generated randomized string
    • Email: User email on which they will receive the initial password.
    • Is valid: Unchecking this is used to filter out invalid users, such as someone you don't want to be a part of the application any longer.
    • Is admin: Grant admin rights to the user
    • Is reviewer: Allow user to be chosen as a reviewer for campaigns
    • View reports: Allow user to view reports for a campaign
    • Is blocked: Block a user from logging into the application
  • To view all users, go to Admin > Manage users. To edit a user, click on their username.
  • To view aggregated scores for a campaign, go to Reports > Aggregated scores in the campaign workspace.


Please report all bugs found in Phabricator (unless there is an existing ticket for it) against the grants review project.

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