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CheckOut New WikiMobile Mock Design : 1 Index ¦ 2 Dock(MainPage) ¦ 3 Search Results ¦ 4 Article Page
More Info Box
WikiGo Index
WikiGo Home

Index Page[edit]

This is the new proposed WikiPedia Index Page Design.
Language Selection Window
BreakDown 1(Slider Language Division)

New Proposed Wikipedia Index Page Design
Laguage Selection Box
BreakDown 1

Main(Home) Page[edit]

It's the proposed Main(Home) Page of WikiPedia Desktop website.
Extras: On this Day : Scroll Up Scroll Down

Main(Home) Page-Grande
Notification DropDown on Home(Main)Page
On this Day (Scroll UP)
On this Day (Scroll Down

Articles Page[edit]

New articles page with Automatic Media loader with the help of Categories of the Article.
Notes can be useful to those who can't understand the typical MediaWiki coding and wish to help to improve the article. So Notes will allow him to add a note in simple language.
Fixed Content Box
Fixed Content Box can be useful to help navigate the article easily everywhere on a Page.
More info Box
More info Box ar we can say Table which can allow an editor to put all the extra info or table in one box to ease the format of an Article.

Article Page with Edits + Notes
Article Page with only Notes
Fixed content box to help navigate article easily everywhere on the page
More info box to merge all the extra tables at one place to ease the format of an article

This document is a work in progress. Comments are appreciated but this is not a final draft.