Google Summer of Code 2017 and Outreachy Round 14/Monthly Highlights/May 2017


Highlights from the month of May 2017

This page showcases highlights from the weekly blogposts of Google Summer of Code 2017 & Outreachy 2014 candidates. Between May 4th and 30th was the community bonding period for both programs, where candidates familiarized themselves with the codebase, introduced themselves in the community, and set development & communication plans for their projects with mentors.

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What project they are working on

So this project aims to provide you a tool in which you specify either a GLAM name and an identifier (that uniquely identifies the image) or a URL and click on a “upload to commons” button and the image gets uploaded to commons. A basic prototype tool called sibutest has been created.

Siddhartha Sarkar GSOC

What progress they are making

This week I’ve opened my first blog (ever!), learned a bit how to play around with it, Installed some news tweaks in my Windows working environment for a new design and more productivity, made sure that my Vagrant is up and running, read lots of material about the project ecosystem and tried to catch-up PHP from reading the server code.

Ela Opper Outreachy

I spent my first week understanding the code base that I have to work on, and then working with the extensions related to my project. Doing some small but useful things like a User page in Mediawiki and of course update this outdated blog.

Amrit Sreekumar GSOC

We finalize some of the things in my project for the data gathering of the Wikimedia common images. Also, we discuss the possibility of the connect emoji to wiki commons images how I can connect these things.

Harsh Shah GSOC

Yaron and I, have given a thought on how to implement the hierarchy in wikitext. Specifically we pondered how will we take input from the user regarding a specific hierarchy field and how will we store it in the wikitext. I had explored the capabilities of Cargo extension this week by following most of the features from the documentation.

Feroz Ahmad GSOC

While trying to understand codebase of mediawiki and how it works, I made a cheatsheet guide to mediawiki basics.

Harjot Singh Bhatia GSOC

For the first part, the idea is to use the features provided by the ORES API to present to the users some suggestions on what areas to improve their articles based on the features list (For example some feedback on citations and structure).

Keerthana S GSOC

What they are up to

Our college hosted WikiToLearn conference’2017 in January and I think somewhere it played a role why I decided to go through the project list of Wikimedia. I’ll be documenting the process of creating a Zotero translator. The existing documentation is pretty old and there are some topics that I want to include in my version.

Sonali Gupta Outreachy

I quit my job (which I loved by the way) as a Ruby/Rails developer a few months back because I felt I had reached a point where I wasn’t learning anything new. Three days into my break, I zeroed in on a project that both inspired me, and provided a good nurturing ground for my skill set.

Medha Bansal S Outreachy

Thank you for reading, check back next month for new updates! You could follow the work of these candidates and give them feedback by subscribing to their project on Phabricator. All projects information is available on the GSOC/Outreachy program page.