Google Summer of Code 2017 and Outreachy Round 14/Monthly Highlights


Highlights from the month of August 2017

This page showcases highlights from the weekly blogposts of Google Summer of Code 2017 & Outreachy 2014 candidates. Coding period was until August 29th for both programs. During August, our participants worked hard in getting their final pull requests merged into the master repositories, polishing their minimum viable product, writing test cases, documentation, and submitting final evaluations for their projects and mentors. 

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Finally, I completed the patches for Special:CreateTemplate and Special:CreateClass and got them merged into the master. This marked the end of the mere basics of the project. Now everything was “almost” working :D

Feroz Ahmad GSOC

Summary of work I've done: Importing and solving bugs, removing legacy code and upgrading to MediaWiki standards, providing unit tests for the extension, adding required features

Harjot Singh Bhatia GSOC

Tasks Completed: Conducting user testing sessions — I had 6 successful user testing sessions over the course of my internship, Documenting the outcomes from the Testing Sessions, Solving most of the issues discovered in user testing sessions and add features to enhance the usability of the Dashboard

Sejal Khatri GSOC

The final commits of my project are super close to being merged into the master branch, all comments were addressed, the feature is working fluently – I am a proud mother of a WikiMedia feature! The outcome of the feature is a game changer for the Echo extension in WikiMedia – it is the first scheduled feature in the extension, instead of being just responsive to the actions the users are doing right now.

Ela Opper Outreachy

Successfully merged pull requests for the project: added button for feedback, add feedback feature to Sandbox articles, improving the feedback feature, fixing feedback feature in articles section, add custom messages support

Keerthana S GSOC

The three tasks that I had completed over this span are: Creation of an auto-validation privilege, Conversion of Index: Pages editing form to OOjsUI, and Migration of ProofreadPage zoom feature to OOjs

Amrit Sreekumar GSOC

The translation-server finally worked, after much help from the developers from Zotero community. I documented on how to build the server through a docker image and test changes on the server. The metadata and test cases are to be added manually unlike on Scaffold, these portions of the documentation hence had more of code snippet and less of explanation

Sonali Gupta Outreachy

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