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GitLab/Publishing docs

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Docpub offers two GitLab CI templates you can include in your .gitlab-ci.yml to build and publish your docs to doc.wikimedia.org.

You can use docpub to publish your project's documentation or test coverage reports. Docs will be published by default under the same path as your GitLab project; in the case of test reports an extra cover/ prefix will be added. See the README for more details.

Scap and Blubber repositories contain usage examples.

In order to be able to trigger the docpub pipeline, your project needs to be added to the list of allowed projects. Best person to contact about this is Jaime Nuche, but anyone in Release Engineering should be able to help you.
By default, new projects in GitLab are configured with an enabled public pipeline. Do not disable this setting or your doc publishing will fail.

Migrating from Gerrit


If you were already publishing your docs/coverage using the Zuul/Jenkins infrastructure, you should also take care of updating any references in the following places:

Once that is done, contact Jaime Nuche or someone in Release Engineering about removing the old docs.