Frontend standards group/2014-11-20-Weekly


Ori won't be able to make it, he will have something to present for next week..


  • Hit some snags with addmodules styles
    • Needs discussion
  • OOUI PHP now has radio buttons
    • Continuing to enhance and update from security review
    • Should be going out to production next Wed
    • Bunch of bugs filed against MW to be replaced 'with new stuff'
      • Andrew and Prateek will be taking these on
  • Mustache
    • Would Mobile Web use any server side rendering?


  • DJ: Is IndexedDB the right technology ?
  • DJ: Launching autosave as a Beta project. Good plan ? -> JamesF/Jared
  • DJ: What is up with Kaltura / TimedMediaHandler, which repo is leading (their github or ours), is that update coming?, which parts of TMH are 'ours' and which are 'theirs' etc. State is unhealthy, how do we get this sorted out ? -> Brion

Android Distribution Stats : WebSQL or localStorage polyfill

  • support graph with argumentation on why it is a good idea.


  • The idea was to mark modules as done if they were used through addModuleScripts/addModuleStyles - even though it's possible they weren't completely done...
  • ... then to also warn (using mw.log or something) if a module that wasn't explicitly marked as providing static scripts or styles was being used or defined incorrectly
  • It turned out there are way more uses of addModuleStyles then we thought, at least 22 modules would need to be configured in core alone, many more in extensions
  • Before we proceed:
    • Is this sane?
    • What does the migration path look like?
    • Is there a way to avoid breaking backward compatibility?


Code so far: Configuration options:

  • language, rtl and variant support
  • key symbolic names
  • namespace collision between RTL/LTR and lang codes!
    • Solution: if "default" key is present, keys are interpreted as lang codes, otherwise only ltr and rtl will be paid attention to