Frontend standards group/2014-10-03-Weekly

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Status Updates[edit]

MediaWiki theme for OOjs UI[edit]

  • Merged, not yet default
  • concerns around living style guide (mediawiki ui) / mediawiki ooui theme keeping consistent with one another

Server-side OOjs UI generation[edit]


watch star proof of concept?[edit]

  • Early next week [Trevor]


  • Need for a unified icon set generated from SVG's
  • Sharing icons between extensions?
    • Icon "packages" as separate dependencies, RL modules?
  • Avoiding code and design duplication



Ori: MediaWiki 2.0 !!

TheDJ: Keep migration layer and emphasise the advantages of the new model to motivate migration.

Next Meeting[edit]

  • Generated icons for MediaWiki core
  • OOjs UI template integration

To Do[edit]


Working Well[edit]

  • Prateek, Florian, Matt, Jon (2 volunteers + 2 staff have been working on form standardisation - looks like it's close to being wrapped up)
  • First time I've seen this much alignment / coordination across teams over front end
  • DJ joined us! W00t! :D (now for more patches :) )
  • Incremental patches to mediawiki.ui modules in core
  • Trevor has gotten a lot of value and confidence from the discussions

Working Poorly[edit]

  • Not enough architecture discussion
    • Need to use the group to make detailed decisions (APIs, architecture, etc)
    • Yep. 'Architecture' is scary; I'd simply like to see us share thought processes around software design decisions.
  • Seem to be working in our own clusters still, very little code sharing has happened (but this is due to lots of pre-work)
  • Lots of moving parts. What are the priorities? Should we have more focus? Or more overview/documentation whatevah ?

Confuses US[edit]

  • The state of the living styleguide
  • how we keep the living styleguide consistent with ooui stylesheets (otherwise we don't have full standardisation)
  • Transition from the work on mediawikiui (the less file and the special pages) to php ooui
  • Where's my pencil?