Front-end standards group/2017-01-25

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Attending: Bartosz Dziewoński, Volker E., Jan Drewniak


No items in today's meeting.

Action & Code[edit]


New quests[edit]

Static Site Generators and TranslateWiki? (VE) JD: TranslateWiki returns JSON files. And you can do whatever you need with them?
HandleBars sometimes has support.
Niklas was helping out on the portal. He set up the project on TW.
It's currently integrated with Gerrit, might run into problems into GitHub. On Templating-Site it's not entirely clear what -- could be as easy as a i18n handlebar helper
With GitHub pages there is no language headers support.

BD: XSLT-Stylesheets might make transformation of static pages possible (with help of JS)