Front-end standards group/2016-07-27


Attending: Volker E.,Jan Dittrich, Ed S, Jan Drewniak



New quests[edit]

  • Jan Dittrich from WMDE will join us occasionally

Action & Code[edit]


[JR didn't participate, therefore postponed till next meeting:]

T27349 ResourceLoader: Support loading of messages in parsed formats (e.g. parsed, incontentlanguage, ..) (JR)[edit]

T127268 Dismantle ResourceLoader's "targets" system (JR)[edit]

T137772 Make more obvious to engineers which ResourceLoader modules are deprecated (JR)[edit]

[/JR wasn't there therefore postponed till next meeting]

New quests[edit]

T112747 Devise a generic way for theme-agnostic stylesheets to adapt to the current theme[edit]

stylelint: rule `number-leading-zero` from blacklist in MobileFrontend[edit] Jon Robson was questioning our stylelint rule adding leading zeroes to decimals (turns out he has since merged the patch though)

Chat excerpt: Ed Sanders 5:17 PM
I think it's just a balance between readability and a few bytes
(on the patch to implement it in MobileFrontend)

Jan Drewniak 5:18 PM
0.1 vs .1?

Volker 5:18 PM
width: 0.5em

Ed Sanders 5:18 PM
Actually he merged it yesterday:
I think the 0 does improve readability

Jan Dittrich 5:19 PM
Stylewise, I prefer 0.5 since . is easily overlooked

Ed Sanders 5:19 PM

Volker 5:19 PM
width: .4em;
width: 0.4em;
> I think whitespace is enough for identifying, but I agree that it might be an issue for people not working

Ed Sanders 5:19 PM
it has leading zeroes enforced - the patch was to remove an exception for that project
Ok - well unless someone comes up with a good reason to change it we can stick with it
it's also pretty easy to autofix either way

Jan Dittrich 5:21 PM
sort of python-esque explicit > implicit

Volker: Reason for the whole conversation is, that ResourceLoader don't substract `0` currently when processing/minifying Less/CSS files
Volker: Ok, seems like a 3-1 against `.5em` non-leading zeros. Absolute majority.


T102114: Cannot handle multiple HTMLForms in single SpecialPage[edit]

"Resolved"! Volker: Needed for use in Special:Import