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A brief roundup I made, whilst re-reading through the archives.

[Note: This is partially for my own benefit, so that I can find things easily without having to search 2 wikis and multiple subpages; and partially for the community's benefit, to prove that I am actually passing these ideas along to the devs!

However, a lot of my job seems to consist of communicating these issues via: email, webcam-meetings, IRC, bugzilla, and mingle cards, so it's not always going to be obvious that I've passed along specific details. I won't promise to keep this list uptodate and canonical, especially because most of these threads are about the pre-pre-pre-prototypes and abstract notes and other confusion. I will be doing my damnedest in the background though, to read everything twice, and nudge the crucial/critical/interesting details along to where they're needed and will be seen. I have been doing so for the past few weeks, and will (hopefully) continue for the next few months/years!] –Quiddity (WMF) (talk) 20:49, 27 September 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Some lists of Discussions about...[edit]

Design Density (horizontal (fixedwidth) and vertical (padding))[edit]

Some initial thoughts.
An example picture saving space.
w:Wikipedia talk:Flow/Design FAQ

Indenting Levels[edit]

mw:Flow Portal/Design/FAQ#How will the limited indenting/threading system help?
Post-April 2015 change

Table Of Contents / Collapsing Threads[edit]

Flow/Table of Contents spec

Thread Order[edit]

Interface Wording[edit]

Post Layout[edit]

Design Terminology (Board Vs Talk)[edit]

Conflicting Permissions (cross-board, cross-wiki)[edit]

Editing Someone Else's Post - Permissions[edit]

mw:Flow Portal/Editing comments

Post Moderation[edit]

Deleting comments[edit]


Concerns about access to viewing or editing others' posts[edit]

>Sorry, I should have been clearer. By default, Flow lets you edit your own comments,
>and lets admins edit all comments, just like typical forum conventions. It
>just doesn't let everyone edit everything.
But that's not how wikis work. On other platforms that do support such editing at all, users edit their own articles, and their own comments, with only moderators trusted to change them. But on wikis, the users are also the moderators. This applies to content and comments, and admins are only required where things can become sensitive (where concerns of privacy, site stability, or simply dangerous tools in terms of vandalism come into play). Why the sudden divergence that only admins can be mods here? Discussions aren't sensitive.
This sort of thing is a large part of why some of us are so skeptical of Flow currently - if the designers do not even understand the basic principles behind a wiki, how can what is developed possibly suit our needs?



Note: Bots already use the API, so many updates should be easy. Notes for that, and for edge cases, and related suggestions are here:

Search and infinite scroll[edit]

about search:

Edit Conflicts[edit]


Splitting Threads[edit]

Accessibility (Incl. javascript concerns)[edit]





Why Do We Need It[edit]


Community engagement[edit]

Wikitext Vs. Visualeditor[edit]



Dates and timestamps[edit]

Signatures and avatars[edit]

Edit summaries[edit]

Unread posts[edit]

Titlebar info[edit]

Permalinks and internal links[edit]

https://trello.com/c/WT8GymA1/ - Snapshot permanent links

Watchlist contents[edit]

See also #Search and infinite scroll

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