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Design review notes — 2013-09-18[edit]

landing page
at mouseover
on click

  • Is board history all events and at what level
  • When there is just one post ( OP ) then we should use alternate form for "X participants" eg. "Awaiting responses" or similar…
  • Explore having the comment at the bottom styled as a new post with current user
  • Secondary CTA inside topic for moving user to bottom of thread to response
  • Bigger name? Real name? next to user name
    • Add Real Name/Preferred name into EnWiki Prefs (talk to legal)
  • Does the curl make it seem like the reply is from the wrong person?
    • Remove curl & use simple line or caret?
  • User names link to user pages, hover for talk(board) and contribs (as icons?)
    • Do we have an icon for contributions?
  • Consider working with Anonymous names instead of IP names
    • Talk to James about this…
    • Consider at top level using "Anonymous User" with IP in rollover or flyout


  • do we need to make end user (not admins) explain why they hid items
  • is there a way that I could thank someone for a useful comment they posted?