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Design review notes — 2013-09-16[edit]

landing page
at mouseover
on click
sticky nav

Overall Page[edit]

  • Need to define the look (and functionality) of page in 1st person (my board) vs 3rd person view of board page
  • Filters are shown "my mentions" but not part of MVP, access point may be used for history

Topic headers[edit]

  • Topics will always have initial post (not possible to separate them)
  • Post author should be emphasised more and moved to top of post
  • More contrast is needed in Topic headers, esp. for the meta data (users/comment)
    • How can we further distinguish conversations that have participants >1 vs ones that don't have responses yet
    • In meta data consider showing names and/or user names e.g. Brandon, May, and 3 others… rather than 5 participants
  • Show relative time stamps at all times rather than only on hover (No underline needed probably
  • Show what topics look like when there is a summary in place


  • Deemphasize hide/flag at topic level
    • Users should rename topics rather than flagging them
    • If topic and original post are unrecoverable (pure spam) flagging original post when there are no responses afterward will hide/delete/suppress original post and the topic
  • Nomenclature: Comment on Posts (topic) Reply to people.
  • Timestamp accesses object history
  • Right rail is for contextual actions
  • Separate Reply/Flag
  • Associate Reply/Thank

Missing UI elements[edit]

  • Add to Watchlist
  • Access to board history
  • Deleted item
  • Hidden item
  • Closed topic
  • Topic with summary
  • Collapsed Topic
  • Header for my board (freeform text box)