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rough notes

OlEnglish asked, "Is there a list of, or discussion somewhere on what will become of Cluebot III tasks or any other bot tasks and/or templates that will become deprecated once WP:Flow is fully rolled out?

We will be discussing API for bots at Zürich_Hackathon in May 2014

Further notes at Talk:Flow/Architecture/API#enwiki bots that edit talk pages

Enwiki Talkpage bots[edit]

Bot Operator(s) Task(s) Usertalk tasks library (or languages)
w:User:ClueBot NG w:User:Cobi w:User:Crispy1989 w:User:methecooldude Reverting vandalism C, C++, PHP, Python, Bash, and Java
w:User:HasteurBot w:User:Hasteur (AFC only) -- pywikibot (?)
w:User:Lowercase sigmabot III w:User:Σ Archive talkpages -- python (ceterach)
w:User:SineBot w:User:Slakr Signing comments -- php
w:User:AnomieBOT w:User:Anomie Articletalk: Adding {old AfD multi} for prior AfDs, Usertalk: Substing templates usertalk: edit existing content perl
w:User:BracketBot w:User:A930913 informs editors of potentially broken markup new topic python
w:User:DPL bot w:User:JaGa Notifies editors of disambiguation links they have added to articles new topic php
w:User:EdwardsBot w:User:MZMcBride deliver messages and newsletters new topic python
w:User:MediaWiki message delivery Extension:MassMessage deliver messages and newsletters new topic Extension:MassMessage
w:User:Theo's Little Bot w:User:Theopolisme Usertalk: Notifying uploaders about file issues/changes new topic python
w:User:Legobot w:User:Legoktm Article and Usertalk: Adding RFC ID, Notify users of GA status new topic pywikibot
w:User:HostBot w:User:Jtmorgan invites new editors to the Teahouse and TWA new topic python-wikitools
w:User:AvicBot w:User:Avicennasis Articletalk: Fixing double redirect -- pywikibot, AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:ClueBot III w:User:Cobi Talk page archival, including link fixing to archived sections -- php
w:User:LaraBot w:User:MZMcBride Warning editors who create unreferenced biographies of living people. new topic python-wikitools
w:User:DYKUpdateBot w:User:Shubinator Giving DYK credit new topic java
w:User:ReferenceBot w:User:A930913 Notice of potential reference breaking new topic python
w:User:MenoBot and w:User:MenoBot II w:User:Meno25 Wikiproject tagging of talk pages AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:SuggestBot w:User:Nettrom Usertalk: Suggest tasks for editors new topic python
w:User:ImageTaggingBot w:User:Carnildo ImageTaggingBot notifies the uploader of any problems it encounters new topic perl
w:User:Citation bot w:User:Smith609 Fixes citation templates edit existing content php
w:User:Xqbot w:User:Xqt Fixing double redirects, Adding missing <references /> tags Fixing double redirects pywikibot
w:User:Cyberbot II w:User:Cyberpower678 Notification of blacklisted links on article talkpages new topic php
w:User:Scsbot w:User:scs archiving of the Wikipedia Reference Desks and the Help desk -- sh
w:User:MadmanBot w:User:Madman Notifying user of possible copyvio new topic perl, php
w:User:SporkBot w:User:Plastikspork ? perlwikipedia
w:User:RMCD bot w:User:Wbm1058 Notifying talk pages that are named in multi-move requests. php
w:User:UcuchaBot w:User:Ucucha Notify nominators of upcoming TFAs, Tag articletalkpages of upcoming TFAs php
w:User:MediationBot w:User:Anomie Inform editors about requests for Mediation in which they're involved perl
w:User:VoxelBot w:User:Fox Wilson and w:User:Vacation9 Notify users whose articles were tagged with {Notability}. python
w:User:Cyberbot I w:User:Cyberpower678 Issuing warning about removing AfD template php
w:User:EarwigBot w:User:The Earwig Notifying user regarding dispute resolution noticeboard case python
w:User:DumbBOT w:User:Tizio removing a protection template from a non-protected page bash script using sed, awk, grep, and curl
w:User:PeerReviewBot w:User:CBM Archiving peer review Mediawiki::API
w:User:ImageRemovalBot w:User:Carnildo Ignores talk namespaces perl
w:User:Lowercase sigmabot w:User:Σ adding/Removing protection templates python (ceterach)
w:User:RscprinterBot w:User:Rcsprinter123 reverting vandalism and test edits from articles, and removing article categories from userspace AutoWikiBrowser, php
w:User:DYKHousekeepingBot w:User:Shubinator Notify editors of Untranscluded DYK nomination java
w:User:BattyBot w:User:GoingBatty ? AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:RussBot w:User:R'n'B (AFC only) pywikibot
w:User:AnkitAWB w:User:Ankit Maity Adding project banner to article talkpage AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:ProteinBoxBot w:User:Andrew Su, w:User:Pleiotrope, and w:User:x0xMaximus Adding project banner to article talkpages python
w:User:OgreBot w:User:Magog the Ogre replacing image or file with commons equivalent Peachy (php)
w:User:Hazard-Bot w:User:Hazard-SJ Wikipedia talk:Sandbox ‎ (Robot: Automatically cleaned) AutoWikiBrowser, python
w:User:Commons fair use upload bot w:User:Dcoetzee article talkpage: Bot notice: Fair use candidate from Commons python, mwclient
w:User:CommonsDelinker c:User:Siebrand removes links to files deleted on Wikimedia Commons php
w:User:Citation bot 2 w:User:Smith609 article talkpage: Misc citation tidying php
w:User:Cydebot w:User:Cyde Weys Category talk pywikibot
w:User:Mathbot w:User:Oleg Alexandrov ? MediaWiki::Bot
w:User:VeblenBot w:User:CBM ? perl, Mediawiki::Bot
w:User:JackieBot w:User:Jackie ? python
w:User:JL-Bot w:User:JLaTondre Portal talk: updating recognized content MediaWiki::Bot
w:User:Bot1058 w:User:Wbm1058 ? AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:Monkbot w:User:Trappist the monk ? AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:MuZebot w:User:MuZemike Usertalk: notify whole memberships of WikiProjects (or task forces) on their user talk pages about various announcements and/or dispatches or to help in delivering project newsletters. AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:Yobot w:User:Magioladitis fixes categories and templates (incl talkpages) AutoWikiBrowser
w:User:VIAFbot (inactive 29 months) w:User:Maximilianklein rare talkpage edits - a template fixer python
w:User:Addbot (inactive 13 months) w:User:Addshore Subst talk page templates that should be substed php
w:User:WelcomerBot (inactive 24 months) w:User:stwalkerster ACC welcome bot Peachy (php)

Commons Talkpage bots[edit]

Bot Operator(s) Task(s) Usertalk tasks library (or languages)
c:User:FPCBot c:User:Daniel78 various Featured Picture Candidate tasks new topic pywikibot

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