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August 6[edit]

Here's a brainstorm that Erik and Andrew came up with on August 6 about things to do for Flow.

  • API access:Access to data layer (getting post data from a specific board, etc)
    • Access to 'controller' layer (ability to do allowed actions)
    • I think we need to separate form submission logic (i.e. pulling values from request) from actual action logic in order to make this work
  • Visual Editor integration (allow people to edit Flow posts with Visual Editor)
  • Output (what's wrong here?)
    • Current output is just a random bit of HTML,  not styled and not seperated much
    • Existing tempates are very hackish (see topic.html.php )
  • Extensibility: Add hooks to storage layer
  • Finalise storage layer (tweak architecture, etc)
  • Implement JavaScript fanciness
  • User Subscriptions
    • Consider building something based on AbstractIndex that uses Redis ZSET, or continue using SecondaryIndex with correct sort/limit.
  • Need to think about workflow level actions: (un) subscribe, (un) delete, etc.
    • Should be the same for all workflows, regardless of their type?
  • Represent UUID's as an object
    • Has methods to retreive a binary representation for use in db queries, and a pretty (base36, 26 or 16?) representation
    • Methods to create from either representation (auto-detect strlen==16 ?)

August 14[edit]

  • Indenting
  • Zoom in
  • Archiving/close action
  • ACL
  • White/blacklist (including for reading – per topic)
    • Subscription based
  • Folding
  • Topic splitting / merging
  • Editing posts
  • Moderation
  • Conversion to/from LiquidThreads and unstructured discussion
  • Fix up history view to allow:
    • Viewing old revisions (not just seeing a list of them)
    • Paging
  • Add paging to display


  • Edit multiple titles
  • Delete/restore fucks up