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I tried installing this and it was a bit of a disaster. Make sure you back up your database before you try to install this. The extension is a great idea, but it kinda just flat out doesn't work. Even the example given by the developers seems a bit messed up. 04:10, 1 November 2010 (UTC)

Is anybody out there running this extension and could publish the URL? For me woogle (native) even fails with a blank mediawiki installation - it only works in parts.


I'm running it as an experiment. Started with Native now Remote. After I enabled API access to the wikis (which was my first problem!), there was only one real issue which was that all searches were postfixed with "&ref=mw" which caused all searches to fail. I fixed this by changing WoogleSpecialDummysearch.php from:
// redirect to Woogle (either "Special:Woogle/$search" or "Woogle:$search")
if ($wgUsePathInfo === false) { // if we have index.php?title=... mode
    $wgOut->redirect(WoogleUtil::getWoogleLinkPrefix() . $search  . '&ref=mw' . $togo);
} else {
   $wgOut->redirect(WoogleUtil::getWoogleLinkPrefix() . $search  . '?ref=mw' . $togo);
// redirect to Woogle (either "Special:Woogle/$search" or "Woogle:$search")
if ($wgUsePathInfo === false) { // if we have index.php?title=... mode
    $wgOut->redirect(WoogleUtil::getWoogleLinkPrefix() . $search  . $togo);
} else {
   $wgOut->redirect(WoogleUtil::getWoogleLinkPrefix() . $search  . $togo);
The other issue was that one of the wikis I was indexing wasn't configured to use the nice URLs (index.php/My_Page_Title). Setting the linkPath in repo_config.xml to be "http://myserver/index.php?title=" didn't work as it insisted on putting a slash in front of the titles, so I ended up with "http://myserver/index.php?title=/My_Page_Title". This was fixed by updating my Wiki configuration.
My only remaining issue is that with some browsers, if you select "go" rather than "search", the search is postfixed with "&go=go". This is probably the $togo in the above code.
Jbattersby 12:16, 7 July 2010 (UTC)

Woogle kills the new Wiki-Editor - MW 1.16.0

There is a conflict between Woogle and the new MediaWiki editor: After I installed the Woogle extension the old MediaWiki editor appears instead of the new one... Maybe it has something do do with it's AJAX functionality...

Thanks for support and greetings --Filburt 14:14, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

what is html indexing?

Hi I found an option HTML Indexing inside the config optioens. As we have much external Data with the external Data extention we need that the engine crawls the Wiki and not just goes through the Database. What kan the HTML Indexing feature do for us. I have tried it and it did not find anything.

Best Regards


Special Pages not working

Hi there, I just installed the Woogle version that's offered on teamweaver.org on my Wiki and it works, but none of the special pages of Woogle is available. It seems to me that the bug resides in WoogleUtils.php in the function getSpecialPageClass() which does ... just nothing.

And one question: How can I configure Woogle to parse either the rendered Wikitext (as mentioned in the Presentation on slideshare) or to include in any way the SemanticMediawiki data?

- Stefan Harwarth, 11.Feb 2011


Strict Standards: Non-static method WoogleLucene::exists() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in D:\Documents\My Dropbox\Engu\wiki\extensions\Woogle\addons\Native\WoogleIndexServiceNative.php on line 54

Doesn't Work

Well I just tried using the demo search link, all I got was a page full of errors

  • Notice: Undefined offset: 765 in /var/www/html/wooglenative/extensions/Woogle/addons/Native/Zend/Search/Lucene/Search/Query/MultiTerm.php on line 472
  • Notice: Undefined offset: 902 in /var/www/html/wooglenative/extensions/Woogle/addons/Native/Zend/Search/Lucene/Search/Query/MultiTerm.php on line 472

Not worth your time.-- 12:40, 20 November 2011 (UTC)