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Imho this extension could benefit from a couple of extra features:

  1. Merging accounts in the Wiki and Wikindx. This way there is no need to manually grant access to Wikindx for all users in the Wiki.
  2. Merging login process
  3. Adding some other way of referencing wikindx data than with the numeric indexes. Especially in the situation where people have to create separate accounts to wikindx and login separately to browse the data it is tedious to add the references to a wiki article.

I'm myself looking for a solution to the merge/login problem. If someone else is also interested in developing an extension for this, please contact me. -- 15:05, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

QINU problem[edit]

This produces QINU errors as of MediaWiki 1.19.1 (WIKINDX 3.8.2). See QINU fix. Anybody out there to repair this?

wikindx 4.1 released[edit]

WIKINDX 4.1 released 13th Jan. 2012. This extension should be checked against the new version but I don't think anything needs changing. See wikindx4/docs/README_CMS.txt for new features.