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Hi your extension is appears to be the solution that I am looking for but as far as I am aware, there are no clear instructions for installing it. The FCK integration and the InstaView installation are quite clear but Wifificator extenstion and yours are quite unclear (unless I have missed something). Some clear instruction would be appreciated.


Is there a demo wiki where we can see how this all works together? We've installed the FCKeditor on our internal wiki, and most folks are quite happy with it, but there are issues. Ability to switch back and forth between HTML and wikitext would be ideal.... (Nweinstock 14:14, 24 October 2006 (UTC))


I think your project is interesting. Maybe that we could join our work for improve convertion functions of the BBComposer. Take a look at this :

BBComposer : A WISIWYG Wiki editor[edit]

It can be used to edit simple Wiki : BBComposer

If you want to help me improve the Wiki support of the BBComposer, Contact me.

There are 2 ways to improve him :

  • Improve the html to wiki convertion functions (html2wiki and wiki2html) in the mediawiki.js file.
  • Create an extension for the BBComposer adding a sidebar with some buttons for internal Wiki syntax and other stuff. If someone feels able to create it, an externalisation of the conversion functions can be done too.

This message was created with the BBComposer by Nicolas FROIDURE