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Loman87 (talkcontribs)


I know this is an old extension, however I find it very useful for digital humanities projects (and my wiki is one of these). I installed this extension on:

MediaWiki 1.27.1

PHP 7.0.13-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (apache2handler)

MySQL 5.7.17-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

ICU 55.1

Lua 5.1.5

The issue occurs when I use a tei tag inside another one, like <head>test <add>text</add></head>. The result is something like

test '"`UNIQ--add-00000004-QINU`"'

I found this and I guess it is certainly related to my issue. My problem is that I am not a devoleper, so I am not sure where to edit the extension code.

In TEITags.body.php I see this:

public function ParserFirstCallInit ( Parser $parser ){

global $wgOut;

$parser->setHook( 'tei'    , array( $this , 'RenderTei' ) );

$parser->setHook( 'lb'     , array( $this , 'RenderLb' ));

$parser->setHook( 'pb'     , array( $this , 'RenderPb' ));

$parser->setHook( 'del'    , array( $this , 'RenderDel' ));

$parser->setHook( 'add'    , array( $this , 'RenderAdd' ));

$parser->setHook( 'gap'    , array( $this , 'RenderGap' ));

$parser->setHook( 'unclear', array( $this , 'RenderUnclear' ));

$parser->setHook( 'note'   , array( $this , 'RenderNote' ));

$parser->setHook( 'hi'     , array( $this , 'RenderHi' ));

$parser->setHook( 'head'   , array( $this , 'RenderHead' ));

$parser->setHook( 'sic'    , array( $this , 'RenderSic' ));

$parser->setHook( 'foreign', array( $this , 'RenderForeign' ));

$wgOut->addModules( 'ext.TEITags' );

I guess I have to edit somehow the bold text, but I have no idea how :(

Can anyone help me, please?



Loman87 (talkcontribs)

@Cavila could you help in any way? I tried to reach Richard Davis and Ben Parish but they do not use their Cambridge emails anymore.

Any help would be really appreciated.



Cavila (talkcontribs)

Hi Lorenzo - sounds like it is time for a special interest group focussing on interaction between TEI XML and MediaWiki. Anyway, I share your interests in this extension and will have a go at it when I can find the time but I probably won't be of much help. The extension itself is relatively simple but I'd need to gain a better understanding of MediaWiki's parsing mechanisms.

Loman87 (talkcontribs)

Hi Cavila,

many thanks for your answer. Yes, I think it's a vey good idea to create a TEI/Mediawiki interest group. Mediawiki is always more used (at least in Italy) within libraries, archives and museums and TEI represents a widespread 'standard' for this communities. I would be happy to give my contribution to such group. I am not really a huge fan of TEI, however I think it's very useful to guarantee data exchange and reuse.

If you should succeed to update TEITags please give me notice!

Best wishes,


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