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This extension seems to have a lot of potential and I sincerely hope that SMW will invest in compatibility with bibliographic file formats (BibTex, MODS XML, etc.) and perhaps add support for multiple bibliographic styles (MLA, Chicago, etc.). Bibliographic systems are one of those areas where MediaWiki has seen little recent development (see my user page for a quick overview of reference extensions), but the best forward I guess would would be to offer something that can be integrated with SMW.

Unfortunately I can’t use this result format, because on my system I already have equivalent or semi-equivalent properties for the properties required by this SRF (property:author, property:volume, property:title, etc.). Doubling the number of properties does not seem like a very good idea (and it gets more complicated: pages for book article references retrieve some of their data from pages for book references). But I appreciate the effort, so please carry on the great work! Cavila 14:10, 29 June 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]