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Some more and better examples would be nice, just because some how it is not realy working as excepted. if i just insert the definition and therm and link as said only the backlink seems to work. the glossary table seems only to take the title some how and the definition does not appear but the title some how instead but the links seem to work but in the table it is not a link, so i dont see how the link in the table is useful but if i take the example from below with the subobject then it works the title and definition and link in the table are ok just the link is no link, but this generates a subobject but i just want it as a simple normal object as i guess may i am also totaly stupid ... i mean the examples seem to be very simple ... create a page add the definition and therm and link thing and a other page with the word in it and then a popup appears with a word (why not the definition?) and a link to the definition..... how ever may i just dont get it :( .... and the last example does not work at all ... it comes out as normal text as it is ... strange thing :/