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Problem help[edit]

Hi. I have worked a little with this plugin on a mediawiki version 1.8.2 installation. But I seem to have some problems and hope someone will read this. Ive installed the plugin as said on the page, but almost every time i log in, which succeeds every time, im logged out again when i try switching page on the wiki. This occours randomly but few times im allowed to stay logged in. Any ideas?

Nicholas R

email + full name not initialised[edit]

When new accounts were created on first logon, the Real Name and Email fields weren't being set automatically. To get that to happen, I had to copy the code from updateUser to initUser.

comment out setPassword call[edit]

I had to comment out the following lines (which set an initial random password) as my set up doesn't allow password changes through MediaWiki.

// $pass = ;
// for($i=0; $i<15;++$i) $pass .= chr(mt_rand(0,255));
// $user->setPassword($pass);

Confirmed above mentioned setPassword() bug[edit]

I also had to comment out the "$user->setPassword($pass);" line in this extension to get it to work. Another section of this extension ensures that no attempt to change the system password will be permitted, yet this code explicitly tries to change it. This is a bug and should be corrected. This extension is to be used with pwauth which can only verify passwords, not change them, so why even try? It causes the extension to fail! 19:54, 15 September 2010 (UTC)

I'm providing a third confirmation of this functionality glitch for Mediawiki v 1.16.2, as described by the previous two contributors. I'm going to go ahead and make the change on the main page if I have permissions. Mythobeast 16:15, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

Added patch for MediaWiki version 1.19[edit]

Several function signatures in AuthPlugin.php have changed. This patch fixes the signatures of the overriding functions in PwAuthPlugin.php to match. Also I don't see a mechanism to disable account creation in classes derived from AuthPlugin. The current fix is to set the appropriate user rights in LocalSettings.php. Finally, if you want to set a false random password in the local database, don't call setPassword, just directly modify the $user object. See the patch for details.