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Migrated upstream, see phab:T160371.

SamanthaNguyen (talkcontribs)
Mainframe98 (talkcontribs)

I'd wait until 1.29 is released. Otherwise, sure!

SamanthaNguyen (talkcontribs)

Since I'll probably forget to remove it once 1.29 is marked as stable (should be around Mid-2017), I'll just use the template right now. Cheers!

Liuxinyu970226 (talkcontribs)
Mainframe98 (talkcontribs)

Because I haven't set the repository to read only yet, nor done anything except marking it obsolete. I'll do so when 1.29 is released. (And I might or might not know how to disable the translations for this extension). I'll look into that in due time, thanks for noting this!

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