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Asaletourneau (talkcontribs)

We are currently running Semantic Mediawiki version 1.8 (MediaWiki 1.19.2) and recently installed the OpenSearchXml extension (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:OpenSearchXml)

We are wondering if there is any way to return open search results as an Atom / RSS - feed like an OpenSearch query should. We have another cultural organisation who would love to add us to their search service but need our wiki to return all search results to exacting standards. i.e. open search results as an Atom / RSS

If you have any information about whether this is possible we would be extremely grateful as we are up against a hard deadline and would dearly love to make this work. We have already asked the Australian Chapter of wikimedia who unfortunately advised they do not have the technical expertise to help us. If anyone out there knows of another opensearch extension that will deliver results in the format we need that would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards

Asa Letourneau Project Officer ,Communications and Online Transformation, Public Record Office Victoria 03 9348 5759 I 0423 482 127 I fax 03 9348 5656 asa.letourneau@prov.vic.gov.au

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how to get open search results as an rss feed

Asaletourneau (talkcontribs)

We installed the extension hoping we could return search query results in rss/atom format to be used by other organisations who need them in nthis format. This appears to be a fundamental aspect of Open Search that is missing from the extension. Is there any way around this?

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Theslboat (talkcontribs)

so long no update,no information

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