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It is preferred that you open a regular bug report for new issues.
Warning Warning: Please do not use the google discussion group to discuss this extension. I as maintainer do not follow the discussions there. You are kindly asked to discuss the extension here, watch this page, have your e-mail notification enabled, and your e-mail address confirmed. --Wikinaut 00:35, 14 February 2012 (UTC)

First aid checklist[edit]

checklist 1: Did the OpenID extension ever work before ?
status quo ante your answer (my hints in italics)
Did the OpenID extension ever work before?
What constellation (version numbers of MediaWiki, OpenID, PHP see Special:Version on your wiki) has been known to work before?
Are you trying to use the extension from an intranet? If you can, check the proxy and fire wall settings. Contact your intranet system administrator and ask if and what exactly they have changed recently.
What has been changed on your system, and when?
Did you re-install, upgrade or move your MediaWiki installation recently? We do know of problems of remains from different versions when mixing or upgrading from an unknown status. If you can, then delete your complete installation and the extension and try a fresh installation.
When you installed OpenID extension manually after your MediaWiki, you need to run php update.php once before it can be used. Have you done it really? If you are unsure, and want to be on the safe side, then run it now again.
When did you notice the problem for the first time?

Before posting a question and request for help here, please check the presence of prerequisites with a small file in one of your web accessible directories.

Warning Warning: Do not reveal the output to the public. Do not post its output here or somewhere else, unless this is a safe place. After use, it is a good practice to wipe the script file from your web server in order not to give details of your system configuration to evil persons.

Access the phpinfo script with your web browser. Scrutinize the output very carefully, whether the following libraries are really installed, maybe as php module or as installed library. Look carefully through the whole output, what you are looking for might be at the end. If one of the modules is missing, please install the missing module, or recompile PHP to include the required modules to libphp5.so). This is explained on the main page of the extension.

checklist 2: PHP modules, which the extension requires
check the output of phpinfo():


is support installed for this?

Along with your question, please indicate versions from your wiki's version page

checklist 3: MediaWiki components
check your wiki's version page

for component

what version do you run?
MediaWiki version and revision
OpenID extension version and revision

Please study the MediaWiki debug manual. Before reporting here, please always check your logfiles for obvious problems such as missing files due to wrong include paths and so. Add the following line temporarily to your LocalSettings.php and try to log in with OpenID

$wgDebugLogFile = "/tmp/{$wgSitename}-debug.log"; // my wiki's debug logfile - comment the line after use
Warning Warning: Make sure to have the debug file unaccessible for the public, and via the web, as the debug file may contain confidential information such as cookies.
checklist 4: Webbrowser, System, and MediaWiki debug logfiles
check your logfile are there fatal errors or warnings logged with relevance to OpenID extension, or MediaWiki?
/tmp/<yourWikiSitename>-debug.log look for lines starting with OpenID:

After finishing the checklist tests, don't forget to

  • remove the phpinfo script
  • disable the debug logging
  • remove the debug log file

It is preferred that you open a regular bug report for new issues.