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Are user uploaded images available as maps?

Revansx (talkcontribs)
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Support for multiple URL in Leaflet

FellTiger (talkcontribs)

I would like to have the option to offer multiple mapping sources in the Leaflet frame where the wiki editor can choose from. AFAIK this is currently not possible. Could you add that?

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NH35 (talkcontribs)
  1. How to set by default "satelite" mode enabled using GM?
  2. Using MobileFrontend extension maps doesn't work. Displayed only text "Loading map...."
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Loading map... if using Title or Text

VPauleN (talkcontribs)

Whenever I use Title or Text in Marker descriptions I only get a Grey field displaying "Loading map..."

I use MediaWiki 1.19.24 with monobook skin.

Any ideas? (talkcontribs)

It happens when javascript error occurs. the error message should be in browser console.

It can be conflict of extensions and you can check where error is, in MultiMaps or other extension. Just add string '?debug=true' to the end of url in address bar. If Maps will work fine, then error in other extension.

Also you can test it there

VPauleN (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your answer.

The error message is: mw.loader::execute> Exception thrown by ext.MultiMaps.Leaflet: JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 1 column 300 of the JSON data

It works in the sandbox... :-(

VPauleN (talkcontribs)

I found the version and the line in the code that cause the error:

Introducing version 0.6.0 from 2014-02-04 the line 113 in BaseMapElement.php: $this->properties[$name] = $parser->parse( trim( $value ), $title, new \ParserOptions() )->getText();

We use MediaWiki 1.19.24 on PHP 5.4.41 / Apache 2.4 - everything works fine until version 0.5.2 including the version from 2014-02-01

Any ideas?

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Multimaps + Lingo (Resolved)

StasR (talkcontribs)


Почему-то на карте срабатывает Lingo, хотя вызов multimaps погружен в div class=noglossary (видно по подсказке у флажка «2114» в центре карты). Это лечится?

Pastakhov (talkcontribs)

да, это лечится, но нужно найти самый безобидный способ.

StasR (talkcontribs)

Спасибо! А я и забыл, что Вы разрешили форматирование в текстах. (talkcontribs)

Это не решение, я найду нормальный способ.

Pastakhov (talkcontribs)
StasR (talkcontribs)

Спасибо ) Пошел обновляться

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External icons problem (Resolved)

StasR (talkcontribs)

Завел новую серию иконок во внешних файлах. Вроде бы все сделал по правилам, но не работает (

Тестовый пример: http://www.nablawiki.ru/s/8ym

$egMultiMaps_IconPath = "$wgScriptPath/images/NablaIcons";

Версия у меня 5.2.

Pastakhov (talkcontribs)

Благодарю за сообщение.

Моя вина, исправлено в версии 0.6.1

StasR (talkcontribs)

Спасибо, Павел!

Если вдруг окажетесь в Москве — с меня коньяк :-)

Pastakhov (talkcontribs)

Спасибо, Станислав. Обязательно приеду :-)

StasR (talkcontribs)
StasR (talkcontribs)
Pastakhov (talkcontribs)

Я так понимаю, что карта уже работает? На какой версии mediawiki не работало?

StasR (talkcontribs)

С MultiMaps 0.6.1 все заработало замечательно (версию Mediawiki не менял), удаленный комментарий про проблемы — это была моя собственная глупая ошибка (пока искал причины неработоспособности новых иконок, поменял имя каталога с иконками, но не всюду). Вот красивая карта с новыми иконками :-) Спасибо!

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in the tooltips. How?

return array( $output, 'noparse' => true, 'isHTML' => true ); in includes/BaseMapService.php does not process the wiki syntax. The simple return $output; instead leads to a redlink in the generated html.

Pastakhov (talkcontribs)

Thanks for feed back! I did it for you. Now (version 0.6.0) it processes the wiki syntax.

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