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Where are the categories assigned ?

Kikibl0p (talkcontribs)

Hey guys,

I'm quite new to MediaWiki, and I have a simple question : where does the category go when you assign it with MsCatSelect ?

When you don't use the plugin, to assign a category, you use this : [[Category:xxx]]

Using this means you keep it inside the page, import / export are covered.

How does MsCatSelect store this information ?

FreedomFighterSparrow (talkcontribs)

Hi, it still goes in the wikitext in the regular way - the extension simply removes it from the wikitext before you start editing, and inserts it back on save.

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SmartK (talkcontribs)

Please user "master" version

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NS_MEDIAWIKI not working with $wgMSCS_WarnNoCategoriesException

CptTwinkie (talkcontribs)

I get the warning every time. The exact setting in my LocalSettings.php is

$wgMSCS_WarnNoCategoriesException = array( NS_TALK, NS_FILE_TALK, NS_MEDIAWIKI, 'Main Page' );

Is this correct behavior?

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wrong thread please delete this message

1 (talkcontribs)
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Loman87 (talkcontribs)


the extesion seems to be correctly installed and configured but when I click add after having selected a category, nothing is added. I also noted a red dot close to the 'add' button.

Any ideas?

MW 1.27.1



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Using category inside <noinclude> tags

1 (talkcontribs)

I have just started using this extension and wondering how it works inside the noinclude tags. I have used these tags extensively and notice that the category wikitext has been removed between the tags (now left with a space) yet the category is still being suppressed on the transcluded pages - which is great because this means it still works. Three questions:

How does the extension do this if there is no category wikitext between the tags?

How do I keep using the noinclude tags on new pages - do I type it in manually?

If I decide to no longer use this extension, will all the text between the tags reappear in exactly the same place? (if it doesn't it will seriously mess up lots of pages)


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Stevenpcox (talkcontribs)

Is it possible to have MsCatSelect show up on the bottom of forms created in MediaWiki?

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Spas.Z.Spasov (talkcontribs)

Here you are bg.json:

	"@metadata": {
		"authors": [
	"mscs-desc": "Позволява добавянето на страница към съществуваща или новосъздадена категория. Извършва се чрез падащ списък, разположен под кутията за редактиране на WikiEditor.",
	"mscs-title": "Главна категория:",
	"mscs-untercat": "Нова подкатегория:",
	"mscs-untercat-hinw": "Ще бъде създадена като подкатегория на категорията, избрана горе.",
	"mscs-warnnocat": "Тази страница все още не е приобщена към категория. Искате ли да запишете промените?",
	"mscs-cats": "Страницата е приобщена към следните категории:",
	"mscs-add": "Добавяне",
	"mscs-go": "Създаване",
	"mscs-created": "Новата категория е създадена успешно!",
	"mscs-sortkey": "Моля добавете сортиращ ключ, който се използва при сортиране в рамките на категорията."
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Sync assigned categories to wikitext

Harry0725 (talkcontribs)

First of all, I have to say this is such a nice extension for wiki use. But there's only one question in my mind that I would like to point out.

In my opinion, I will hope to see assigned categories also show up in wikitext. For example:

Assigned category: Test1

There should be one additional line in wikitext: [[Category:Test1]]

Therefore, I don't have to worry about all pages with categories assigned will gone if I removed MsCatSelect someday in future because of some reason.

Even now this extension is working perfectly. I still worry about that what if this extension is not working since I upgrade my MW version? If not working, will all my pages lost their assigned categories since I temporary disable this extension? It's impossible to add manually back to each page for large wiki sites.

So, pls kindly let me know what can I do to prevent from this issue?

Maybe there's already solution for this problem that I never know, or you can take this as suggestion for possible implement. Thanks again!

Harry0725 (talkcontribs)

OK. For this issue, I think the extension author has already offered a good solution inside.

For those people who may has the same question with me:

Since you add "Test" category in page by MsCatSelect, there will be automatically one line added as " [[Category:Test|Test]] " after you removed this extension. To keep each page still in correct category. But the $wgMSCS_WarnNoCategoriesException function is still not working.

Harry0725 (talkcontribs)

In addition, $wgMSCS_WarnNoCategoriesException seems like not working to me. No-category warning will still jump out at every page.

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Tuxxic (talkcontribs)

Hi, I am using MsCatSelect 6.1, my MediaWiki is in French, but I can't see the interface translated.

Is it normal ? If not, how can I help to translate it to French ? (talkcontribs)

Hi, using same Version on MediaWiki 1.22 and have the same error. Interface (button labels, hints) are not translated. You read e.g. "<mscs-add>" instead fo "Add"

Tuxxic (talkcontribs)

My problem is slightly different : I have all the correct english captions, except that my MediaWiki is in French. As my users wish to have a fully translated interface, I am offering to translate it to French - but I don't know how :)

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