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I like the connections to the other categories of an image but I also look for a way to override the default Image display in categories:

The problem: When you categorize images into the same categories as articles they're listed on the category page as "Media files" below the articles. There's nothing wrong about it. The problem is the counting and the navigation of both.
The standard limit of 200 = articles + files. E.g. you have 183 articles and 30 images in the same category: On the bottom you'll have 17 images (200 minus 183) reading "next 200" or you have 250 artciles and some images. The images won't appear until you click "next 200". How am I supposed to know there are images in the category when opening it?

Possible solutions: Split the counting and navigation

  • List all images below the articles. When browsing next 200 articles, only list the rest of the articles.
  • List all images independetly from the article navigation but in a kinda iframe with vertical scrollbar. The "frame" could be 5 image boxes wide and 2 (or 3) image boxes high and placed above the article links section. The "frame" won't be needed if there are 10/15 or less images.
  • Split up article and image count and navigation. E.g. 500 articles and 500 images: When browsing forward to articles 401-500 still show images 1-200. When browsing now images 201-400 still keep articles 401-500. For a better navigation it may good to only list like 40 images but 200 article links.

I'd like it to work with MW 1.13 as they changed some things on includes/CategoryPage.php, also I'd like be able to switch the sortkey in categories in general.

Any ideas? --Subfader 22:04, 6 October 2008 (UTC)