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I installed MediaWikiFarm and it shows a blank page, what i did wrong?

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Is there any details about how to install Mono Version?

LazyKnight (talkcontribs)

Hi, I've read the Quick Start, Installation, Configuration. But none of them say the complete flow about how to install Mono Version.

There are some questions:

  • How do I configure my database for Mono Version?
  • What should I do about my origin LocalSettings.php?
    • I know "Installation" notice to "copy my origin LocalSettings.php in my configuration directory", but does this "in" means "in my mediawiki root directory" or "in-to MediaWikiFarm's configuration directory"? And if it means the follow one, where is MediaWikiFarm's configuration directory in "Mono Version"?
  • What is the path of MonoVersion "etc/mediawiki", should I create a "etc/mediawiki" at "{current_mediawiki_root}/etc/mediawiki"?
  • How to configure yaml/json/php config file in mono version? Where to put them?
  • Should I put all "default.yaml, <wikiId1>.yaml, <wikiId2>.yaml" into "{current_mediawiki_root}/etc/mediawiki"? If not, where to put them?

Thank you for any help.

Calion (talkcontribs)

I second all of this. I have MediaWiki installed at a webhost, and it's running fine, but I want to turn it into a mono-mode wiki farm. Is that possible, or do I need to have local or command-line access to the machine it's running on?

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