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Domain "wikimedia.org" is hardcoded in mathoid.yaml

Libattery (talkcontribs)

I tried run Mathoid with Restbase but failed.

I got massage "Service unavailable bala.. " in my Restbase API page.

Then I found following lines in RESTbasePath/v1/mathoid.yaml

like uri: /wikimedia.org/sys/mathoid/check/{type}...

there are "wikimedia.org/sys/..."s.

I guess they should be "/{domain}/sys...", so I changed /wikimedia.org/sys... to /{domain}/sys..

Now, I can see the math APIs in my Restbase API page.

But, unfortunately, the math APIs don't work.

I got 404 error.

{ "type": "https://mediawiki.org/wiki/HyperSwitch/errors/not_found", "title": "Not found.", "method": "post", "uri": "MyRestbaseDomain/v1/media/math/check/tex" }

My Mathoid server is working normally.

any one have any idea?

if then, please share to me.

Magol (talkcontribs)

Did you find any solution to this?

Libattery (talkcontribs)
Prh47bridge (talkcontribs)

I've just sorted this out for my site. For the benefit of anyone else struggling with this, in the {domain:YOURDOMAIN}/{api:sys} section of the Restbase config.yaml you need to add:

    - path: sys/mathoid.js
        host: http://localhost:10044
        cache_control: 's-maxage=0, max-age=86400'

Change the port number on the host line if Mathoid is using a different port.

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How to setup Mathoid service for multiple domain

Rajeshrajesh.35 (talkcontribs)

I was looking in config.yml but i couldn't find anything.

Kindly share if anyone has setup.

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More clarification is needed for setting up an arbitrary domain with SSL/TLS on the same host.

Gee-one (talkcontribs)

I followed the "arbitrary domain" documentation, but I couldn't get it to work with SSL/TLS on the same host. I also used the walk through on github. The best functionality I could get is running only on the local network without https. This seems insecure, so I am too afraid to allow access from outside the firewall.

Mathoid seems to be working and I can connect to the restbase API, but I can't seem to get the wiki to talk to the API. I think the issue is possibly either:

  • an apache issue and I need to proxy the requests for nodejs to the respective services
  • a configuration issue where I need to be more specific about {domain}, localhost, and the actual domain, so that I am using the correct paths.
  • a technical issue where it might be impossible or ridiculous to try to run the mediawiki and the node.js services using the same domain/named virtual host.
  • none/some/all of the above

Any hints to point me in the right direction would be appreciated. My target is to have a small private wiki running on a self hosted server with the math rendering performed and served locally, all with SSL/TLS/HTTPS via letsencrypt.

If it makes any difference, I am running Debian stretch, MW 1.29, and mathoid/restbase from github. I would happily downgrade any of these if it results in an easier, working installation.

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Gee-one (talkcontribs)

For the arbitrary domain example, the current version of restbase on github references examples.yaml instead of MR.yaml in restbase/config.yam. Along side that, projects/MR.yaml is now projects/examples.yaml.

I would edit it, but I am still very new to mathoid/restbase and don't want to break the configs.

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Where is Restbase to be installed?

1 (talkcontribs)

I have installed a mathoid server on a separated server than mediawiki. Where should I install restbase?

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