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Varnent (talkcontribs)

Great extension! Thank you for creating/submitting it! It would be great if there was an option in the settings to mail only when an article is new instead of each time it's updated. I think this will work as a temporary workaround for folks interested:

  • On line 199 change:
    • $wgHooks['ArticleSaveComplete'][] = 'mail2facebook';
    • to
    • $wgHooks['ArticleInsertComplete'][] = 'mail2facebook';
Starwhooper (talkcontribs)

Hi, nice idea. you will control this in further version with the parameter $wgMail2Facebook['events']['onlynew'] = true; in the LocalSettings --Starwhooper

Varnent (talkcontribs)

Fantastic! Thank you - looking forward to the new version.  :)

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