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This syntax does not work for all languages

Verdy p (talkcontribs)

Some languages have codes that conflict with other standard tags needed by HTML, Mediawiki, or various Mediawiki extensions, and even for XML: the chosen tags should be scoped with a prefix or namespace but they are not. So this only works for the most common languages or languages encoded with a suffix (region code, or script coden or variant code after the hyphen).

And there's no support here to use (or chose) such prefix (or alternatively by limiting its scope with a container element with a more specific and predicatable name).

So this extension (unmaintained) already cannot be used in Wikimedia wikis with its hundreds supported languages and its many supported extensions (including those for translations and i18n).

Reply to "This syntax does not work for all languages" (talkcontribs)

It seems that changing the language doesn't change the language actual shown. Only after I do a ?action=purge the right language is shown. But cannot switched to any other language, again. What do I do wrong?

M coupal (talkcontribs)

I Installed this extension in hope of saving the trouble of having two separate wikis in order to support multilingual content.

The problem is that the extension only works on the Main page and, when I try the same thing on another page, it doesn't change the language. It does only when I edit the page in the language that I want it to be displayed.

Please help!

PS: I'm using LanguageSelector extension in order to switch between english and french

M coupal (talkcontribs)

I've found the answer.

It was a caching problem on the wiki. Simply added these lines in my LocalSettings.php

$wgEnableParserCache = false;

$wgCachePage = false;

Hope it helps someone in the future

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