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Inside LdapAuthentication.php, there is a call to an extended class named "AuthPlugin". The code for the latter class has not been provided. Only the code for LdapAuthentication.php is available. can you please post the code for AuthPlugin as well? Thank You!

  • Please validate my edit on the AD docs. I replaced "exampleADDomain" with "EXAMPLEDOMAIN" as "exampleADDomain" is not defined in the text above. Am I correct that "EXAMPLEDOMAIN" is what should go in the LocalSettings.php or is "exampleADDomain" just a local name for the domain and anything could go there? - Dave Noonan (talk) 21:13, 11 December 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Extension breaks wiki[edit]

Anytime the extension is enabled, when I try to access the wiki, it just loads a blank space. I followed the installation procedure on the extension installation example, and still the same issue.

Help with Trust[edit]

How would I configure this in a AD Trust environment? I'm able to configure it with multiple domains, but I don't have access to the trusted domain to add users to a required group. I only have access to our domain and adding members to a required group.