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Issue with prepending outputURI[edit]

I am running Mediawiki 1.13.4 and installed the extension. The extension shows up in the Version page for my mediawiki but the tags do not appear to be parsing. I am running FF 3.5 and I am getting js errors indicating that JXG is not defined where JXG is referenced by

 var brd = JXG.JSXGraph.loadBoardFromString('jxgbox', 'eNrtnXtv2zgSwP+2P4WAAE ... F/VMRG8q5ofzj6fn11fuv8Hn24cYA==', 'Geonext')

It would appear that the js files are not concatenating onto the URL provided in the JSXGraph.php file. I did finally get the graph to display (concatenation with URI is still not working but have not figured out what was wrong yet - simply used the full URI without concatenation), but the plot disappears a second after it displays, while the box and points remain..... This is apparently an artifact of running JSXGraph alongside asciimathml and conflicts over parsing the $ token - As I understand it that will be resolved with release of version 0.78 of JSXGraph