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I just installed FolkTagCloud and encountered the following error upon using the <FolkTagCloud> parser tag: "Fatal error: Call to undefined method SMWSQLStore2::getstoragemode() in /home/theoxundrgrnd/public_html/extensions/FolkTagCloud/FolkTagCloud.php on line 266" . I checked around online about the getstoragemode() method and it looks like it definitely should be defined in the "under-the-hood" MYSQL php without my intervention. Any ideas what is going on? --Theoxundrgrnd 16:41, 18 October 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This is probably due to a newer version of SMW. The extension currently only works with SMW 1.4.3 and lower, since I haven't got round to updating it and there have been some major architecture changes since then.--Katharina Waeschle 13:50, 16 November 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Upon adding a tag to a page, it is displayed. How can I style this display?

Since adding a tag is basically just a semantic annotation, there are no built-in style options. A tag is simply a string that you can put anywhere on the page. For a more strucured output you could hide the annotation by using silent annotation and add an SMW factbox, where the tags will be displayed with the rest of the semantic data.--Katharina Waeschle 15:51, 6 February 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Some fixes[edit]

Based on version 1.1

Use of undefined constant increase[edit]

Notice: Use of undefined constant increase - assumed 'increase' in /home/deuxiemelabo/www/extensions/FolkTagCloud/FolkTagCloud.php on line 226 Replace if ($args[increase]='log') { With if ($args['increase']='log') { On line 226

Undefined variable: htmlOut[edit]

Notice: Undefined variable: htmlOut in /home/deuxiemelabo/www/extensions/FolkTagCloud/FolkTagCloud.php on line 220 Replace $htmlout = ''; With $htmlOut = ''; On line 68

Undefined variable: requestoptions[edit]

Notice: Undefined variable: requestoptions in /home/deuxiemelabo/www/extensions/FolkTagCloud/FolkTagCloud.php on line 292 Replace if ( ($requestoptions !== NULL) && ($requestoptions->boundary !== NULL) ) { With if ( isset($requestoptions) && ($requestoptions->boundary !== NULL) ) { On line 292

Undefined variable: outputformat[edit]

Notice: Undefined variable: outputformat in /home/deuxiemelabo/www/extensions/FolkTagCloud/FolkTagCloud.php on line xxx Comment lines 273, 285 and 303 Dont find in the code $outputformat declaration.

Undefined index: count[edit]

Replace if ($args['count']) { With if (isset($args['count'])) { On line 246