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the installation documentation says this:

$PdfBookShowTab = true;
$PdfBookHtmlDoc = "c:\\program files\\htmldoc\\htmldoc.exe";

but, i don't own the server that holds my wiki and it runs unix/aphache. Where do i put the HTMLDoc? i can't find the files to pun on a webserver? Bud0011 06:37, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

Bud, somehow you will have to get htmldoc installed on that box. On Linux the distros usually have a htmldoc package that can be installed - maybe the admin of the machine can be of assistance? Then $PdfBookHtmlDoc = "c:\\program files\\htmldoc\\htmldoc.exe"; will look something like $PdfBookHtmlDoc = "/usr/bin/htmldoc";

Java Script Renderer[edit]

Hi, I would like to use this extension for my hosted wiki. unforunately they do not have graphwiz installed.

Please give the option to use a JavaScript based Graph renderer or the Graph Extension


MovGP0 10:23, 13 August 2011 (UTC)

Cache integration and perfomance[edit]

I notice this extension requires client side caching to be switched off:

  1. Does every request bit the backend? This has potential to push load onto the server, especially as this will apply to all wiki pages, and not just those which contain flow charts. This might be especially important for wikis which have a lot of images.
  2. There is mention of a 'simple cache' - How does the simple cache mechanism work and where does it store its files? Is the image regenerated on only when the containing page is updated?
  3. Is there integration with a reverse proxy cache such as Varnish or Squid (i.e. will updating the flow chart correctly invalidate the cached copy of image in the reverse proxy cache).

Thanks in advance if you can answer this (or if they are in a roadmap).