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No Such Special Page

I installed the latest version of FlaggedRevs on my wiki which is 1.25.1. When I go and accept a revision on an editable page it says No Such Special Page. I'm not sure what I did wrong or what I need to change.

Bennkenn (talk)14:43, 16 June 2015

Main, File and Template ns + Category, Module, User, Project and Help added

I saw that these questions. I wanted to write the solution. Open the file extensions/FlaggedRevs/FlaggedRevs.config.php . Edit form : $wgFlaggedRevsNamespaces = array( NS_MAIN, NS_USER, NS_PROJECT, NS_FILE, NS_MODULE, NS_TEMPLATE, NS_HELP, NS_CATEGORY );. That's it. Now; Go to the main index with PuTTY. ssh command : php maintenance/populateImageSha1.php run. After; php extensions/FlaggedRevs/maintenance/updateStats.php run. That will be all. Easy to come.

İncelemeelemani (talk)13:33, 1 May 2015

That file must not be edited directly. Place your configuration in LocalSettings.php, adding the line


after the line calling FlaggedRevs.

Nemo06:08, 14 May 2015

API and FlaggedRevs

Ad API talk:Main page#API and FlaggedRevs.

I think that function to check the selected article will be usefull. This function schuld returned: pageid, title, reviewed version id (+date, +author), most current version id (+date, +author).

Malarz pl (talk)07:06, 15 April 2015

You can check if the article is reviewed with this: - https://fi.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=query&prop=info%7Cflagged&titles=Turku

If stable_revid=lastrevid then page is reviewed and it doesn't have pending changes If stable_revid!=lastrevid then page is reviewed and it have pending changes if there is no flagged information then page is unreviewed

However i don't think that you can get information of date + author of old version with single query.

Zache (talk)08:18, 16 April 2015

Thanks. When I check oldreviewed I got dates of last edit and last stable version. It's all I need now.

Malarz pl (talk)12:32, 16 April 2015

FlaggedRevs with AutoWikiBrowser

I use AutoWikiBrowser to review and script alot of autoedits within my wiki. I would like to be able to review pages with FlaggedRevs at the same time. Is there any collaboration between the two, or has anyone developed any plugins or modules that would allow the cross functionality?

Sdsolutions (talk)18:10, 2 March 2015

How do notifications work?

Hi Aaron,
is there a way that reviewers get an email notification about sites that need to be reviewed?
Or is it "only" possible via watchlists?
My customer's desire is, that the reviewers get one mail a week - containing all the articles that have been created or edited. I don't know if that is possible...

Stefahn (talk)10:16, 18 August 2013

I have the same requirement. Any solution out there? Thanks!

LFS (talk)20:01, 12 February 2015

Show non-checked page version until review = quality or higher

This extension could be very useful to my agency, if I can get the configuration set to meet our requirements. I followed the instructions for restricting unapproved revisions, which almost works for my purposes. I have multiple tags, and my wgFlaggedRevsTags array is set such that each tag requires a level 2 in order to be considered "quality". The behavior I'd like to see is that each tag is controlled by a different reviewer, and only when all reviewers have set level 2, and we have "quality" achieved, is the revised page shown to anonymous users. Instead, what I see is that when any of the tags reaches level 2, putting the page into a "checked" state, the page is then displayed to anonymous users prior to the "quality" state being reached. How might I go about fixing this?, 2 December 2014

It looks as though there is not an available configuration option that I can set to modify the default behavior from accepting draft revisions (i.e. less than quality) as reviewed/stable. I can work around the need for having each reviewer control different levels on different tags, but I really need the viewable versions for anonymous users to only show once quality or pristine levels are reached. Having pages viewable after they have just been checked, but not yet reached quality will not work for my purposes. Can anyone help suggest what modifications I might try to this extension in order to get what I'm after? Many thanks., 9 December 2014

Can FlaggedRevs be used to tame $wgRawHtml ?

When allowing raw html in a wiki ($wgRawHtml), the FlaggedRevs review interface unfortunately shows the changes to the reviewer. Not only in textual form (the diff) but the actually rendered page.

Can this be disabled?

I am concerned, that evil javascript could be used to steal the login cookie of an admin.

If admins could review the just textual diff before that rendered page is shown to anyone, then admins could just decline the edit if someone added some javascript that they don't like without running it in their browser before. Otherwise it's hard to prevent execution of javascript by non-admin editors.

Adrelanos (talk)23:44, 27 January 2015

$wgRawHtml must not be used in a wiki where untrusted users can edit, period.

Nemo08:21, 28 January 2015

Hide newly created article

A new created article is always displayed even if not approved. Is there a way to hide newly created articles as in the extension ApprovedRevs?

Regards Dominik, 24 June 2014

Yes, this is a feature I am missing most. We're mostly having issues with spammers that create new pages. Hiding new pages by default would discourage spammers. Can you add this please?, 23 September 2014

This is possible, though the configuration needed is a bit more on the advanced side. For how to configure it, see the page Extension:FlaggedRevs/Restricting unapproved revisions.

JoelKP (talk)23:38, 27 December 2014

But this method is not compatible with requirements of TimedMediaHandler extension. So, it would be nice if You add this feature. It will be very usefull., 30 December 2014

MW version

I've been using the FlaggedRevs since MW 1.15 at least (march 2010) The Infobox now mentions MW 1.17+ Why?

Arent (talk)14:31, 9 December 2014

Actually nobody should use a MW-version older than MW 1.19 so even 1.17 is an outdadated information. The current code in the repo will not work for versions earlier than MW 1.17 anyway. I believe this website should not advertise the usage of outdated and unsupported software since the docu also caters for potential new users. For them it is not important to know that it used to work somehow for an ancient release at some time in the past.

[[kgh]] (talk)15:13, 9 December 2014

People 'should not' use pre-1.19 MW version of course, but in the meantime you'll find heaps of older installations. Especially when you already have a tooled-up wiki with heavy extensions and/or old-style skins it is not always that easy to upgrade. MW usually upgrades fine but with SMW and FlaggedRevs and skinning and ... I need to stay at 1.16 that I've been using for years. If the infobox says that FlaggedRevs is only useable from 1.17 (downloadable for 1.19++) it displays incorrect information. Sometimes you are forced by circumstances to do what you ideally wouldn't do.

Arent (talk)15:37, 9 December 2014

You are writing about existing users. They know that it used to work somehow for an ancient release at some time in the past.

[[kgh]] (talk)15:55, 9 December 2014

Arent, the extension infobox always talks of master (or latest stable branch). It's a known deficiency that MediaWiki.org currently is unable to provide a compatibility matrix: only Semantic Bundle and MLEB do such a thing, the other extensions are left to wikiapiary: (which we link).

Nemo16:14, 9 December 2014

Set up different Revs for different NS

I would like to set up some permissions for a NS and others for another NS. For example:

  • NS1: all users can edit, some can review (ns1-reviewers), and somebody can validate (ns1-validators)
  • NS2: normal users can only read, only ns2-editors can edit, ns2-reviewers can review (end edit) in ns2, and ns2-validators can validate (and edit and review)

Is this possible? How...?

Thank you

Gborgonovo (talk)17:32, 6 November 2014

Is ns1 group a subset of ns2, or vice versa? Does ns1 group edit ns2, and vice versa?

Nemo07:32, 7 November 2014

No, they are completly different and separated ns, and the groups (as well) must have different permissions.

Gborgonovo (talk)08:27, 7 November 2014

No new revision if template is changed...

Hi! I really don't want to re-approve every page that has a certain template, once I change the template. Is there a way to disable this requirement or auto-approve in these cases (if the page was approved before) ? Heinrich krebs (talk) 15:04, 14 August 2014 (UTC)

Heinrich krebs (talk)15:04, 14 August 2014

Any help? Please.

Heinrich krebs (talk)16:44, 11 September 2014


have a look at $wgFlaggedRevsHandleIncludes. You can find a detailed description in the FlaggedRevs.config.php file in the extensions root folder.

Osnard (talk)11:29, 16 September 2014

Thank you. I will change the settings there, and hope it'll fix the problem.

Heinrich krebs (talk)17:16, 17 September 2014

Class 'FlaggedRevs' not found

Before item 6.2 of Setup manual tried to run updateStats.php and got error about class 'FlaggedRevs' not found.

Then I did items 7 (Enable FlaggedRevs) and 8 (Update MediaWiki's database schemas) and returned to item 6.2. UpdateStats.php worked succesful!

May be move item 6 (Enable collection of article review statistics) after item 8?

Avshukan (talk)13:12, 16 September 2014

Everyone sees Edit Review widget after installation


I successfully installed FlaggedRevs extension for my internal wiki. However even if I log-in as user I can see Edit Review widget even though in installation notes it says nobody would see it until relevant permissions are granted. the only line for this extension in localsettings I have is require_once..

Any idea?

Edga (talk)10:12, 10 September 2014

The reviewer's widget isn't the little box in the top right corner. Everyone is supposed to be able to see that. The reviewer's widget is the big box all along the top of the page with buttons to accept or reject the revision.

Jackmcbarn (talk)14:17, 10 September 2014

User groups resetting after relogin

When I add user to group editor or reviewer or autoreviewer or all off them user can review, all works well. But after user relogin he is deleting from this groups: MessageCache::load: Loading ru... got from global cache Unstubbing $wgParser on call of $wgParser::firstCallInit from MessageCache::getParser Parser: using preprocessor: Preprocessor_DOM Unstubbing $wgLang on call of $wgLang::_unstub from ParserOptions::__construct User: cache miss for user 97 User: loading options for user 97 from database. DatabaseBase::query: Writes done: DELETE FROM `user_groups` WHERE ug_user = '97' AND ug_group = 'editor', 7 August 2014

How to get list of pages with includes


When reading an article with includes, I'm notified by FlaggeRevs about the changes in includes, and it correctly shows the last valid version. But I can't find a way to get a list of pages which includes have been changed.

I have $wgFlaggedRevsAutoReview = FR_AUTOREVIEW_NONE; and $wgFlaggedRevsHandleIncludes = FR_INCLUDES_STABLE; in my Localsettings.php.

Is there a way to get such a list, as we can have the list of reviewed pages with pending changes ?

Best regards,Ludovic.

Ludovic Strappazon (talk)09:31, 12 June 2014

Setting "Revision displayed on default page view" does not work


I use FlaggedRevs REL1_22

Setting the above mentioned option does not have any effect at all. When I set it to "the stable version" I still get the "Pending changes" Tab displayed.

In my personal prefs I set "Use the default settings for each page" and this is my config in LocalPreferences.php:

# Extension:FlaggedRevs
$wgFlaggedRevsStatsAge = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['autoreview'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['editor']['autoreview'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['bot']['autoreview'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['reviewer']['autoreview'] = false;
$wgFlaggedRevsTags = array(
    'accuracy' => array( 'levels' => 1, 'quality' => 1, 'pristine' => 1 ),
$wgFlaggedRevsAutoReview = false;

Best, Koem, 20 May 2014

advertise not working


when I click on "advertise" this text appears: "Notice: Other reviewers can see that you are reviewing these changes."


  • for other users this changes nothing. Another reviewer doesn't see that I'm reviewing that page
  • when I click on "de-avertise" nothing happens. The text doesn't disappear.

Version: REL1_22 with mw1.22.5

Koemski (talk)16:18, 15 April 2014


Koemski (talk)11:54, 12 May 2014

I believe the best way is to report a bug on bugzilla in case nobody has done so in the meantime.

[[kgh]] (talk)12:02, 12 May 2014

Possibility to disable "review is pending message" for anon users?

Currently on edited pages a message "N changes in this version are pending review. ..." shows up. While this is certainly interesting for users that may edit, especially reviewers, I don't want this information to display for anon users at all. Same question for the small dropdown with the same info on the right. Thanks., 5 May 2012

You'd have to use site JavaScript/CSS.

Aaron (talk)23:15, 11 May 2012

This is interesting, can you suggest how, please?

Thank you

Gborgonovo (talk)12:56, 15 April 2014

Pending changes page style

Is it possible to assign a style to paending changes page? Has it a dedicated class? I cannot find it.

Thank you.

Gborgonovo (talk)12:29, 15 April 2014

Restrict to specific pages

I only need this on a few pages. I know there is a whitelist, but I need ALL of my pages except a few exempted. Is there a way to create an array of the titles of all current pages and then remove the specific pages? Could I create a specific category? I know I can restrict it to a namespace, but these are just basic articles + the main page.

Indolering (talk)00:05, 4 April 2014

You can try setting $wgFlaggedRevsProtection = true and manually adding the pages as an admin.

Aaron (talk)23:12, 7 April 2014
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