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topic 1[edit]

This sounds interesting to free me from the burden of installing extensions, that won't work or are difficult to get to work etc. But I don't know how to install this http://www.mediawiki.org/skins-1.5/common/images/button_image.png Embedded filecore extensions manager itself. Is it possible to provice a Zip-File for windoows installation? --Ollio 21:00, 2 April 2008 (UTC)

I do not know what that is. Jean-Lou Dupont 21:40, 2 April 2008 (UTC)
 The most recent release is always available through the extension's PEAR and SVN repositories. 

Is it possible to make this more userfriendly? Not every wiki-Administrator is a developer and not everybody has the needed sound experience and a working installation with access to SVC und PEAR. --Ollio 21:04, 2 April 2008 (UTC)

Extension:ExtensionManager is specifically designed to be more user friendly: one just has to use PEAR to install/upgrade extensions **without** having to touch LocalSettings.php everytime. Note also that most of my extensions do not require touching LocalSettings.php for customizable as I try to have those in wikitext/special pages instead. So, I respectfully suggest you get to know PEAR. Jean-Lou Dupont 21:40, 2 April 2008 (UTC)

I am sorry but...[edit]

Only now did I understand that it's much better to have ExtensionManager take care of all the extensions you have written. DUH! And this after much reading back and forth on both the mediawiki extensions site and your own site. Previously I have installed both PEAR and installed everything via PEAR but then I went and changed LocalSettings.php as well by hand. Then in panic I did the whole shebang again in a different order and I used the forced upgrade versions as well. I now understand this was a mistake and I should not have done all this.

Now I have the extensions (ConditionalContent, ExtensionManager, ParserPhase2 and StubManager - and did not go any further yet until I understand how all this works) installed ok BUT I can't see the Special Pages associated to them so something somewhere is wrong and I cannot for the sake of my mind's soundness find out what it is. There should be some extensions showing up in the special/restricted pages section, right?

Thanks in advance for any help! Peter

hi - there is debug information available on Special:Version, that's all. Jean-Lou Dupont 18:35, 14 July 2008 (UTC)

Wiki stops working upon installation of extension...[edit]

Hello! I have a problem when I install this extension. I download it via svn to my /extensions directory in a folder named "ExtensionManager". I've noticed that I don't even have to add anything to my LocalSettings.php for it to stop working - going to my wiki results in a blank page. Here are the exact steps I used (running my server with MediaWiki 1.12.0, PHP 5.2.6, and MySQL 5.0.51a, on openSUSE 11.0) - note that the paths are relative to my MediaWiki installation (/ will be my MediaWiki's root directory, and stuff in bold is what I typed):

/extensions$ svn co http://mediawiki.googlecode.com/svn/tags/ExtensionManager/2.0.1/
A    2.0.1/Example.php
A    2.0.1/ExtensionManager.doc.wikitext
A    2.0.1/ExtensionBaseClass.php
A    2.0.1/ExtensionHelperClass.php
A    2.0.1/ExtensionLoader.php
A    2.0.1/package.xml
A    2.0.1/.build
A    2.0.1/.build/build.properties
A    2.0.1/ExtensionManager.php
Checked out revision 1199.

/extensions$ mv 2.0.1/ ExtensionManager

And now when I go to my wiki, I get nothing but a blank page. And just to check that it doesn't help, I add the line

require_once( "$IP/extensions/ExtensionManager/ExtensionManager.php" );

To my LocalSettings.php. Still nothing.

I shut down Firefox and restarted it, to make sure that the buffer cache (is that right terminology? Or did I just make something up? Ah, well... cache of some sort) was reset. The server itself is fine - I can access my other pages in the web server's document root, but the wiki returns all-blank pages.

And if I remove the directory:

/extensions$ rm -r ExtensionManager/

The wiki instantly begins working again.

Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks for all input - Omega234

You need to be aware that if you have this extension installed, then mediaiwiki appears to stop using LocalSettings.php to work out what extensions to load. I found that any extension in my extension folder get enabled, even though I had them commented out in LocalSettings.php. So it's probably the case that you have a busted extension you are no longer using in your extensions folder and ExtentionManager is enabling it. Tjis drove me nuts until I realised what was going on. Perhaps a note on the extension page about this might be useful Jean-Lou? Mitchelln 16:57, 30 July 2008 (UTC)
Oh, I see... Yes, I agree - there should be a note about this on the extension's page, please. That you need to not "require_once" all the other extensions, and only the ExtensionManager one. Well... now that I have that all set up... thanks for the help! - Omega234
Also, you should also mention that you do still have to manually include the StubManager extension, though. - Omega234

Another good functionality to merge to the core[edit]

Really, LocalSettings.php could be configurable through a completely web-based interface. It should never be necessary to use FileZilla and such to maintain one's wiki. Tisane 17:04, 24 March 2010 (UTC)

It's not works![edit]

Hello! I am trying to make it works, but I can't! Every time it throws me different errors. I have understood, that I have to leave only one "require_once" for ExtensionManager, and remove all other. But now it's throws me

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wfGetCache() (previously declared in /home/www/wiki.kubg.edu.ua/includes/ObjectCache.php:41)
 in /home/www/wiki.kubg.edu.ua/includes/GlobalFunctions.php on line 3773

And it's not in extensions! I can't understand, what I am doing wrong. Any ideas? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

ObjectCache.php is not directly inside in /includes/, but inside /includes/objectcache/ObjectCache.php for a while now. What MediaWiki version are you using? Are you sure you have downloaded the extension for the same MediaWiki version you have? --Ciencia Al Poder (talk) 10:33, 18 March 2014 (UTC)