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Hi, I want to use this extension on a Mediawiki-Version 1.19.1 and have installed it like in the description. Now I have a problem and don't now why I get the error: „1146: Table 'my_wiki.user_table' doesn't exist (localhost)“. The database 'my-wiki' don't have this entry, but only 'user'. I tried to change it in the file EventUntil.php, but it does not work. Do anyone know this problem and the solution, or is it not possible on this MW-Version?

  • Hi Christoph, same Problem with 1.18.x and no solution :-/ Stephan (2013-01-14)

Code change[edit]


I'm using Version 0.0.2 and did not find any other way post a recommendation for changing code.
Line 49ff of SpecialEvents should better be $page_titles[$event['page_id']] = Title::nameOf($event['page_id']); as for Namespace issues (otherwise the Namespace is ignored). Tested on 1.5.6.

  M. Braun

Made Compatible With Calendar Extension[edit]

As with the very cool Tasks extension, I made a slight mod to the saveEvents() function so that it would play nicely with the Calendar extension. martin - at - ac6rm.net


Is there a demo page of this somewhere? -Christiaan 13:23, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

What does an event look like on a normal page?[edit]

Let's say you add this to a page:

2062-02-14: When I buy my first hover car.
1453-07-12: Joe was born.

What will it look like on the actual page (as opposed to the relavant Special page for events?) It would be great if this extension could output normal inline text so you could say have an event such as:

Started working with us on <events>21 November 2005:Joe started working with us</events>

Which, on the actual page the event was added, looked like: "Started working with us on 21 November 2005" and linked to the event on the Special page. -Christiaan 13:27, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

Any plan for updates[edit]

Hello there,

Are there any plans to update this extension for it to work with recent version of mediawiki. I am particularly thinking of the perser change since 1.6.7.


Update for MW 1.7.1[edit]

I try to port Events with MW 1.7.1 (and php5). i have modified Events.php to use new Parser.parse methode:

 function formatEvent( $date, $description, $page='' ) {
        global $wgOut;
        global $wgParser;

        $date_ary = explode( '-', $date );
        $date = sprintf( '%04d-%02d-%02d', $date_ary[0], $date_ary[1], $date_ary[2] );
        $description = "'''".$date.":'''  ".$description;

        if ($page) { $description .= ' ([['. $page .']])'; }
        #$output .= $wgOut->parse($description, false) .'<br />';
        $output .= $wgParser->parse($description,$wgParser->mTitle, $wgParser->mOptions, false, false)->getText() .'<br />';

        return $output;

Now the Events tags works fine but events are not saved into database due to an error in the parser: (syslog)

PHP Warning:  implode() [<a href='function.implode'>function.implode</a>]: Bad arguments. in /export/home/frtdevrep/www/mediawiki-last/includes/Parser.php on line 399

Any idea ? Thx --Ctof 10:26, 7 August 2006 (UTC)

To solve this pb i have add the old method eventExtractTagsAndParams from Parser.php (release 1.6.0) into Events.php and call this method in place of the parser itself (into method saveEvents). --Ctof 12:42, 7 August 2006 (UTC)

Can you post your new version. I have 1.7.1 too. Or better update the content page?

No update for 1.7.1 :( ?!

Update for MW 1.16[edit]

Does not work Out-of-the-Box, although there is a recent 3.01 release.

  • The relase from the repository does not include a SpecialEvents.php file.
  • When using the code posted on the front of this page fpr the SpecialEvents.php file, the function formatEvent() is missing.
  • When replacing the code in Events.php with the code from the front of this page, the missing function is there, but about everything else is completely wrong.

So: one has to copy the function formatEvent() to the SpecialEvents.php file or write it up completetly new to one liking.

As useful as this Events extension may appear: considering the inconsistency of this page and the documentation related, this extension should not be listet on mediawiki as release, since it requires major rework before it can be used. Such code shall not be called a release, please.